How Ge'NeL Happened

Kiesha Richardson


It all started when...

I was looking for articles that related to someone like me--geeky, nerdy, a little older. Everywhere I turned there was fashion, makeup and relationship advice, which I'm also into. When I'd go to websites for gaming, they were all geared toward boys and men with hardly any mention of women-led comics, games or anything from a woman's perspective. And the community from male-centric geek culture sites tend to be misogynistic. And I finally decided to do something about it.

Ge'NeL is content for women who love to read comics and books, play video games, watch anime and enjoy cosplay. Ge'NeL promotes women slaying STEM.

We don't fit into one specific box. We are white-collared and blue-collard professionals. We are stay-at-home moms and homemakers. We're entrepreneurs. We are hair and fashion gurus. We come from different racial, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. We are straight, gay, bi, gender-fluid and trans. And we are all united in our love for geeky, nerdy culture.

Love and solidarity--sisterhood. We are not each other's competition. We are all Ge'NeL.



Who is Ge’NeL?

Ge’NeL is a woman-centric, media tech startup. We create high-quality video game and geek culture content as well as address issues that deal with intersectionality in the video gaming and geek spaces. From popular video games, anime and comic series to women in tech, we are storytellers who want to make the world better for all, starting with the gaming community.

Ge'NeL's Mission

Our mission is to create high quality geek culture content free from misogyny, inter-sexism, racism, xenophobia and homophobia. Ge'NeL promotes solidarity among women, taking control of the narrative of what it means to be a geeky, nerdy lady. 

To be clear, Ge'NeL Media is not anti-man. We love our male counterparts! Ge'NeL was created because women in geek culture need a platform and community free from the aforementioned stigmas that plague geek culture. In fact, while Ge'NeL's content is from a woman's point of view, the content is for everyone.