17- Year Old Instagrammer, Bianca Devins Brutally Murdered with Photos Plastered on Social Media

Was he just a family friend? An obsessed fan? Or both. Either way, this is one of way too many cautionary tales for women and could increase fear of physical retaliation after rejecting someone.

On July 14, 2019, Utica, NY rising Instagram influencer, Bianca Devins attended a concert of Canadian musician Nicole Dollenganger with her friend, 21-year old Brandon Andrew Clark. At the concert, they met up with another person, alleged to be Devins’ boyfriend or someone she was romantically involved with. Direct Messages (DMs) from Discord that were shared with Rolling Stone show Clark being upset with Devins, saying he was “so mad” at her for “holding hands and kissing this other person” during the concert.

Around 6:40 AM, Discord, Instagram, and 4chan users reported beginning to see images of Devins with her throat cut sitting in an SUV. Lt. Brian Coromato of the Utica Police Department told Rolling Stone, that they “received multiple calls at around 7:20 a.m. from concerned 4chan and Discord users who had seen Clark’s posts.” Clark had also made a call to the police and made “incriminating statements.”

When the police arrived to the scene, Devins was already dead and Clark was found with “multiple sharp objects” and “in critical condition” from self-inflicted wounds to his neck.

Lt. Coromato says he believes Devins and Clark were “were boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever kids these days call it.” However, Chels and other members of their Discord server said that they were purely platonic friends and Clark had agreed to give Devins a ride to the concert.

CBSNews reported that Devins and Clark met via Instagram and had “become acquainted with each other’s families.” There are rumors that the two dated, but nothing confirmed. Either way, nothing excuses the brutal murder of a girl or anyone for that matter.

This developing story is yet another commentary on the need to teach boys and young men how to deal with rejection early in life. Along with the photos of the photos of the gruesome murder, Clark, a Bridgeport, NY native, allegedly included the caption, “Sorry fuckers, you’re gonna have to find someone else to orbit.”

It’s 2019 and we live in a society where asking to not be sexually harassed, raped, or abused is met with blame and condemnation for wanting to be respected as human beings! We’re shamed for dressing a certain way, for our professions, for wearing makeup, for saying “NO”. And women are scared for each other, because no matter what we say, there are way too many dudes who think their behavior is justified or simply do not care enough to correct their friend or family member’s behavior before it turns into this story.

We, as a community, as a society, need to do better. Will you help us? Take this survey so that we can more accurately assess the climate in our community. Ladies and gentleman, please be safe. Be careful. Trust your instincts if they are telling you don’t go or don’t do something.

James Bond Passes Code Name: 007 to Lashana Lynch

Instagram @lashanalynch

Instagram @lashanalynch

At the end of Spectre, we know that James Bond retires from the life of espionage.

Fans speculated about who would replace Bond in the franchise, many casting their bets on Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Henry Cavill, and even Harry Styles. But the 007 production crew has been known to keep mum until they are ready for the world to know. Well, they are ready. Lashana Lynch has received the 007 baton.

Of course, James Bond is still, well, Bond. But he’s out of the game, now. It’s only natural that a fellow MI:6 operative take over the code name. Lynch will be playing Nomi, fellow super spy in the upcoming film. Of course, Bond will be Bond and will likely try and probably succeed in seducing his fellow operative. Does this mean the franchise is retiring the Bond name and continuing on future films with code name: 007? No one knows at present. We will just have to wait and see.

With the recent news that The Little Mermaid live-action film will have Ariel played by a Black actress, we are anticipating some backlash. But for now, Bond fans are expressing their delight in having the first woman 007 and are welcoming the change.

Lashana Lynch is an English actress of Jamaican descent and is known for playing fighter pilot Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, ABC’s Still Star-Crossed, and British television show Bulletproof. Bond 25 is still filming and is set to be in theaters April 2020.

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What do you think about 007 being a woman? A Black woman? Over here, we love it.

Sea of Solitude: Do you know who you really are?

Sea of Solitude: Do you know who you really are?

 You begin alone in a boat surrounded by a dark sea and storming sky. Kay, your protagonist, has told us she is trying to piece everything together. She told us that she has a family and friends, but yet, she is still feeling alone, again.

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Razer Drops Brazilian Twitch Streamer, Gabi Cattuzzo for Clapping Back at Harasser

And this is a huge problem.

Tuesday, July 25, Razer’s Brazilian branch announced that they will let the contract of Gabi Cattuzzo run out and will not renew it.

Razer Inc. is the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, with a particular focus on influencers in the gaming industry. Gabi Cattuzzo, is a gamer, cosplayer and influencer who streams primarily on Facebook with over 68,000 followers and another 90,000 followers on Twitch. Until recently, she was an influencer for Razer Brazil.

It all started when Cattuzzo tweeted a photo of her riding a mechanical bull. A tweeter who goes by Rhaegar responded, “You can ride on me…” Cattuzzo responded, “There's always going to be a fucking male to talk shit and sexualize a woman even when the woman is making a joke, right? That's why man is trash.” Her male followers and even people not following her were upset with her generalization. One user even went so far as to ask her to remove it because he was offended. And NOT ONE PERSON corrected Rhaegar’s behavior. Cattuzzo has since deleted the tweet, but you can view the conversation here. It’s in Portuguese but Google can translate it for you.

Razer Brasil, issued a statement not only distancing themselves from Cattuzzo, but gaslighting the situation.

We would like to make it clear that Gabi is not a spokesperson for Razer and has never been a brand ambassador,” the tweet read.

She was part of a team of influencers who were called upon to use and publicise the brand's products.

As gamers, we face every type of preconception and stereotype from the outset, and we will continue fighting so that this type of situation doesn’t repeat itself.

The statement concluded by saying the company opposes any kind of “extremism.

Razer literally shamed a young woman for defending herself against sexism by ending her contract. Razer reaffirmed the misogynistic ideal that sexual harassment is okay. Defending yourself from it is not. Cattuzzo has since received death threats and still undertaking mass harassment and is taking a break from social media. Somehow, dudes think THIS is acceptable.

We get it: Razer’s base is primarily male gamers. And unfortunately, that means supporting or even being silent in the instance of sexual harassment is good for business.

It’s 2019 and as women fight for ownership of our own bodies and sexuality and the right to exist without being subjected to sexual harassment, there are way too many men who refuse to let that happen. And there are the corporations and even laws that validate their misogyny, just as Razer did, by making the issue about gamers and not one word about this young woman being sexually harassed. Hell, a pregnant woman was shot in the stomach and then charged for the murder of that baby! Is this 2019 or 1919?

Women are not expected to defend themselves at all. We are told that “It’s just how boys/men are” which says that boys and men are excused as not having control of their behavior. Or “You’re a girl, get used to it. What do you expect?” Or we are told that any “aggressive” response is worse than the harassment itself. “You’re just as bad for responding to harassment the way you did.” Except, the people who are angry and offended aren’t even mentioning the fact that she was publicly sexually harassed! Razer made absolutely no mention of it! Instead of telling women and girls to get used to harassment or excusing sexual harassment, how about teaching boys and men to NOT SEXUALLY HARASS!

Ge’NeL is only a small publication, but if Razer thinks ignoring sexual harassment and punishing someone for defending themselves is cool, then we will be removing all Razer ads and dropping their affiliate program.

How to Connect a PS4 Dualshock Controller to Game on PC

Gaming with a PS4 controller on PC is really easy. And no, you don’t need to download any additional software.

Mortal Kombat 11 is here and it is everything we hoped it would be and more, despite some some fake outrage over Jax’s character ending. But playing fighting games on PC can be beyond annoying. So we turn to controllers.

PC games’ default controller is the Xbox One or 360 controller because of Microsoft Windows. But the best controller on the market right now is Sony’s Playstation Dualshock 4 Gamepad. It’s especially comfortable for smaller hands. The buttons and analog sticks have great feedback. But unlike the Xbox controller, the PS4 controller is not plug-and-play for many games outside of Steam. Though, there are some games where the PS4 controller is plug-in-play, like Fallout 76, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and Apex Legends. And to set up your PS4 Controller with Steam, it’s damn-near plug and play.

PS4 Controller with Steam

The reason we’re focusing on using the PS4 controller on PC with Mortal Kombat specifically is because people have been complaining about the buttons not matching up when they plug in their PS4 controllers and see Xbox buttons. I also encountered this problem when I “thought” I set my controller up the right way. But here’s what you need to do to set up your Dualshock 4 gamepad on Steam.

STEP 1. Plug in your PS4 controller.


Open Steam, go to Views on the top, far left of the page and in the dropdown, click Big Picture Mode. Or go to the far right and click on the big white box that is Big Picture Mode. Click on the big settings button (the cogwheel).

STEP 3. Click on Controller Settings.

UNCHECK the Playstation Configuration Support box.

STEP 5. Relaunch Steam and launch your preferred game in Steam in Big Picture Mode.

For Mortal Kombat 11, this worked perfectly. To play other games, specifically GTA V, using the PS4 controller Playstation Configuration Support needs to be checked. The buttons in GTA do not switch to PS4 buttons, but the PS4 buttons do correspond with the given Xbox controller buttons.

DS4Windows Software

Alternatively, there is one piece of software many people swear by and may be useful to those gaming on PC outside of Steam’s game client. DS4Windows software. DS4Windows is a 3rd-party software solution that is not affiliated with Sony or any games. It works by tricking your PC into thinking your PS4 controller is an Xbox controller and making your controller plug-and-play.

Using DS4Windows

Step 1. Download DS4Windows.

Step 2. Locate the DS4Windows zip file and extract all.

Step 3. Launch DS4Windows and follow the prompts for setup.

Step 4. Plug in your PS4 controller.

TechRadar explains, in more detail, how to download and install DS4Windows.

Do you use a PS4 controller to game on PC? Do you use DS4Windows? Let us know in the comments.

League of Legends New Champion Breakdown - Qiyana

Riot Games - Qiyana

Riot Games - Qiyana

The League of Legends world is gaining a new, powerful woman to the roster of champions!

Qiyana is a highly mobile AD burst assassin. She works with the environment to set up magnificent plays, working with the in-game terrain in ways we’ve never seen before.

Qiyana’s Passive - Royal Privilege - will deal extra damage on the first ability or attack that Qiyana places on a champion and changing elements will reset the cooldown. In her Q ability - Edge of Ixtal - Qiyana slashes the area in front of her dealing damage. If she is currently using an element, her weapon will hurl a projectile that explodes. River will root opponents on hit, wall will deal bonus damage to units with low health, and brush will leave a trail that provides Qiyana stealth and movement speed. Qiyana’s W is Terrashape. This ability allows Qiyana to target an element (brush, river, or a wall) and gain the element as she makes a quick dash forward. Useful for its movement and providing an element, which resets her passive, this ability is going to be crucial to maximizing your damage. Audacity, Qiyana’s W ability, lets Qiyana dash toward a target enemy, dealing damage upon arrival. Her ultimate is Supreme Display of Power. Qiyana will create a shockwave, knocking back enemies - any river, brush, or wall that is hit provides an extra pop of damage, then stun enemies hit.

Qiyana has the ability to adapt and overcome almost any challenge, hunting down squishy champions and snowballing her team to victory. Knowing where to position yourself around your chosen element, or using Terrashape to select a nearby element, will grant you extra damage, attack speed, and damage buffs. Look to be maximizing the time you have an element selected, as it also provides buffs to Edge of Ixtal, allowing you to root, deal bonus damage to low targets, or chase your opponents in stealth.  A good Q-W-Q will give you some insane outplay potential as well as giving you bonus damage from your passive. Beware of fighters who can survive your burst of damage, or worse, CC you to stop your combo.

Qiyana has no trouble picking off immobile skillshot champions, using her mobility to juke around their damage and nuking them down. Dragon and Baron area fights are a Qiyana’s dream as it will allow you to have the full range of access to your elements, letting you adapt as you need to in fights, not to mention all those passive resets that are upping your damage. Your ultimate gets a lot scarier when you’ve got an element to combo it with. Ulting through brush or the river causes a wave of ice to follow your shockwave, stunning enemies hit by the ice. When your enemies’ back is against a wall, send a shockwave at them to cause an explosion along the length of the wall and stunning enemies hit by the blast.

We hope that this has given you some insight into our new assassin, Qiyana! Heed our tips and tricks and we bet you’ll get Mastery 7 in no time. See you on the Rift, Summoner!

Comments? Suggestions? Things we missed or that you disagree with? Drop them in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or @ us on Twitter!

12 Movies That Define Generation X

Even though Generation X (people born between 1965 and 1980) is the middle child, or Jan Brady of generations, our cultural influence is undeniable.

Those of us born between 1965 and 1980 are outnumbered by both the previous generation of Baby Boomers and the younger generation for which Baby Boomers blame everything, Millenials. I read somewhere that a generation is a group of people with collected, shared experiences. And boy do we have them. From VCRs, the introduction to the CD-walkman, and corded house phones during a time when MTV actually played music—like full music videos—we remember. We reminisce.

And that reminiscing is, according to the Journal of Consumer Research, is one of the many reasons Gen X, though only 25% of the population, has the most spending power. Gen X founded more than 51% of startups, make up more than 30% of U.S. income even though we are only 25% of the population, and accounts for more than 50% of leadership roles globally.

Sure, we had an angsty youth, constantly being called lazy—disaffected—by our Boomer parents. But we grew from the constant put-downs into today’s leaders. But the 80s and 90s saw film being revolutionized in ways that gave our generation a voice. Whether exaggerated our culture is in these films and continue to an influential voice.

Here’s 12 movies that defined Generation X and why we appreciate them now more than ever.


Boyz in the Hood - 1991

The late John Singleton’s autobiographical masterpiece was groundbreaking. The 80s and 90s saw African American filmmakers beginning to be heard and being allowed to tell our stories our way.


Reality Bites - 1994

To sell out or not to sell out—that was the question this brilliant Ben Stiller film asked in the form of Leleina choosing between two very different men representing both.


10 Things I Hate About You - 1999

Here’s the film that introduced us to Heath Ledger and making us fall in love with his serenade—swoon, amazing soundtrack, dialogue that’s just as fresh and witty today as it was 25 years ago!

Romeo and Juliet.jpg

Romeo & Juliet - 1996

Modern filmography with William Shakespeare’s unchanged play created a beautiful film. Even if you couldn’t understand Shakespearean, you felt it.

Empire Records.jpg

Empire Records -1995

“Damn the man! Save the Empire” was the message. Basically, fuck corporations. Fuck selling out.


Clueless - 1995

This cinematic, modern interpretation of Jane Austen’s Emma was genius. Although many didn’t even realize it was a reimagining of Emma, Clueless still one of the most quotable films of all time.

Breakfast Club 1985.png

The Breakfast Club - 1985

“Dear Mr. Vernon…You see us as you want to see us—in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions.”


Boomerang - 1992

Boomerang was the first African American, upscale romantic comedy, the lives of successful Black people as heads of companies, in love, in, in lust, not being drug dealers, drug addicts, prostitutes, gang members—just unapologetically Black and living their lives.


Hackers - 1995

Cyberpunk never looked this fun (up until that point at least).They were Anonymous before Anonymous existed. Computer geeks were the cool kids.

Dont Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead.jpg

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead - 1991

So many films about parents going out of town and leaving their kids make sure that the kids pretty much destroys the house or at least some property. This fun, dark comedy does the opposite.


To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar - 1995

The hilarious, real, and beautiful film that every single male director passed on was directed by an up and coming femme director of a new tv series, “Orange is Not the Only Fruit” Beeban Kidron.


House Party - 1990

Hilarious classic party film. Black kids being allowed to be Black kids and have fun without having to the funny side kick friend to a White protagonist.

We questioned our Boomer parents’ want of us to “sell out". We fought for more minorities to be in command of telling their own stories their own way. We fought to just be able to have fun. And we did it with a dope-ass wardrobe and soundtrack. That’s what Gen X contributed, much to Boomers’ chagrin. Now, if we can stop making remakes of everything, that’d be great.

Which films have influenced you?

Riot Games Acts Fast to Remove Possible Epileptic Seizure Trigger

Riot Games

Riot Games


A League of Legends player, Apricot Princess, took to the forums a last week to let Riot Games know that the Trial House Finishers - a new animation that had been added a few weeks ago - were causing issues for people with epilepsy. In her post, she writes

However, the new kill/death animations for the house missions–those big strobey house logos that pop up over a champion you kill– are a huge issue for photosensitive epilepsy and cannot be turned off nor the effects turned down. I understand that epileptics are in the minority for those who play the game, but League has brought me a lot of joy these past few years and it's heartbreaking that Riot doesn't take epilepsy seriously when developing and designing new game mechanics.

On the post, one of the game's developers apologized for the problem but noted that they didn’t have the “time or bandwidth” to create a toggle to turn them off. The developer wrote “we would rather ship [the finishers] with no toggle than not ship them because we couldn't do a toggle, but we knew there would be some level of frustration and risk with that. So again, my apologies for making League less enjoyable for you in the meantime.” Since then, Riot Games - possibly due to community backlash - has decided to remove finishers completely for the time being.

Apricot Princess added to her post, saying that she’s submitted multiple support tickets to Riot Games about things that could be changed to make the game safer for her and other photosensitive epileptics. League of Legends has a colorblind mode but has never had a photosensitive mode. “Ultimately, I was told that it has been brought up to devs before and that they, unfortunately, don't care or see it as a priority,” she wrote, but still has hopes that they will add a photosensitive mode in the future and has offered to answer any questions Riot Games might have about what could help.

Riot added to their response: “Because we take photosensitive epilepsy issues extremely seriously, Trials finisher animations have been disabled. When we bring finishers back, we’ll make sure players have the option to turn them off themselves.” The finishers were a reward for completing missions during the Trial House Event. Since removing the finishers, Riot Games has replaced the reward with a loot box, which seems to be a decent trade to the community.

Here’s hoping that Riot listens to the community and adds a photosensitive mode in the future, ideally referencing their epileptic player base to do so. Comments? Suggestions? Things we missed or that you disagree with? Drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook Fan page or @ us on Twitter!