How I Ruined My Guildies' Mythic 17 Key

Today was an excellent day. I went shopping, got some comics, a book some lipstick, mascara and really great conversation with my mom and cousin visiting from out of town.

After a long day out in the streets, I came home, helped (okay watched) my mom make some seafood gumbo, took a glorious, hot shower and hopped into my pj's. It was time for some fucking WoW!

I logged onto WoW and Discord and immediately my guildies are like "There goes our other healer." They were putting together mythic + runs to get everyone their +15 for the week. I already had my glass of water AND my peppermint hot chocolate. I was ready to go. Plus 17 Lower Kara it was.

My guildie put the key into the socket and it was go time. I start healing. We're fucking shit up. Fuck you, volcanic and fortified and sanguine! An eyelash fell into my eye or something. My eye started itching. Cool, no problem. I can just kinda rub/wiggle it out while healing. Then, my eye starts burning. Burning bad. FUUUUUCK! I just put on lotion! Now, in addition to the eyelash or whatever was in my eye, I now have Organic Lavender and Chamomile Shea Butter Body Balm (it smells heavenly but burns soooo bad) in my eye. My eyes are watering bad. I can't see. I can't stop crying (not sobbing, but eyes leaking bad). I'm in discord cussing up a storm. Guildies are both laughing and yelling at me, "Hurry up and go flush your eye out." My brother and my 10 year old cousin are laughing their asses off at me.

We finished the instance, but didn't complete the key. And I need a nap. Yup. I'm a fucking peach.

I originally shared this story with my favorite Facebook WoW group, Women of Warcraft.