Makeup Artist and Model Hamel Patel Re-imagined 8 Disney Princesses With a Desi Twist And She Slaaaaayed

Disney princesses draw their fashion influence from cultures all over the world. 

Many of us spent our childhood dressing up as one princess or another. While many cultures have been represented by Disney, some cultures haven't been tapped into yet. Which is why Hamel Patel's Desi recreations are, not only stunning, but refreshing! We've all seen the traditional Disney princess costumes and cosplays. Now fall in love with the Desi Disney princesses!

"One bite, & all your dreams will come true."

Here's Snow White.  With Snow White looking like this, just stuntin' throughout the forest, no wonder her evil step mother was such a hater. 

"She goes wherever the wind takes her."

If going with the wind makes us look like this Pocahontas, I'm ready to fly.

"Bhoomi" and the "Bewaqoof"

Is she the Belle from both Bollywood films?

"Under the sea"

This Ariel is killin' it on land and water.  

"A whole new world"

Can you show me the world...and how to get this look?

"Once upon a dream...Sleeping Beti"

This stunning Sleeping Beauty makes a very good case for the importance of naps. I'm ready to take one right now.

"Bippity Boppity Boo"

BRB--Googling the nearest fairy godmother to make me look this good!

"Find your inner warrior"

I'm ready to slay while slaying! Wait...yeah, I said what I said!

Which look from Patel is your favorite? It's hard for me to even choose!