Marvel Editor Heather Antos' Milkshakes Brought the Broflakes to the Yard and Twitter's Clapback Was Epic


Heather Antos and her team were out celebrating women in comics and decided to take a group selfie while sipping on delicious milkshakes. Fun, simple and carefree, she decided to share the moment with followers and friends on Twitter. Lo and behold! The "Women are being happy" spidey senses of broflakes the world over began to tingle and they decided to flood Antos' Twitter and DMs with sexist tweets.

Broflakes are guys who are so threatened by women working in industries that are seen as traditionally male and feel the need to harass those women and expose their own ignorance.

Some of the insults thrown into the DM's of the GwenPool editor included “'fake geek girls,' 'the creepiest collection of stereotypical SJWs anyone could possibly imagine,” and “Gee, I can’t imagine why Marvel’s sales are in the toilet.” One of the broflakes was upset that there were no men in the picture of friends getting a milkshake after work.

Real comic fans weren't having the misogyny and showed solidarity for Antos and other women in comics in the most amazing way. They began posting selfies of themselves drinking milkshakes with the hashtag "MakeMineMilkshake." Some people didn't have milkshakes and simply took selfies with whatever drink they had. Some drew characters drinking milkshakes, posted was magical. And it's still going strong!

Marykate Jasper with The Mary Sue is absolutely right in pointing out that "some 'fans are so misogynistic, and so threatened by the idea of women in the industry, that a selfie sets them off." They are threatened by a changing world where women have the freedom to be creative and contribute, nay, improve upon certain industries where a different perspective or more creativity is needed. And for these so-called fans of comics to think misogyny and harassment is cool means that they don't understand what comics are about in the first place.

It sure as hell isn't about bullying and putting people down based on their gender. It's not blaming the editor of one of the best selling comics series for a sales slump just because she's a woman. Comics are about telling stories and creating new worlds, having super powers--the power to change or alter reality. There is no right to creating comics based on gender.

And one thing these broflakes don't understand is that for a long time, far too long, women weren't allowed to have such jobs. Women were forced to stay home, not because they weren't creative or lacked skills, but because of a patriarchal society. And guess what? Women fought and changed their reality and are using their skills in so many different ways. Women are superheroes. We all are. Problem is, some men can't handle women using their super powers.