Supporting the March for Science

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On April 22, 2017 scientists and supporters of STEM from all over the United States marched on National Mall in Washington D.C. to protest the Trump Administration's anti-science doctrine and policies. Normally, the science community abstains from politics. However, with the Trump Administration's determination to promote policies that will be detrimental to the advancement of science programs, scientists and supporters of science from all over the U.S. believed they needed to take a stand and fight.

Scientists joined global protests on Earth Day to denounce proposed budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health as well as Trump's views on climate change and the safety of vaccines.

Source: March for Science. Click on photo.

Source: March for Science. Click on photo.

To continue the good fight, March for Science is selling merchandise to fund the next march on Earth Day, 2018. From super cute t-shirts and baby onesies, to retro posters, March for Science has the goods.

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