Popular CS:GO Commentator, Sadokist Suspended From Twitch For Toxic Behavior

In unsurprising news, another streamer thought it was cool to call someone the N-word and tell another person to kill himself. 

Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett was suspended from Twitch for calling someone the N-word (yes, the "er" could be heard) as he raged during his live birthday PUBG stream.

Later in the stream he told another player, Don Haci, to go kill himself. "Go fuck yourself, ban yourself from the CS:GO community. Maybe--maybe put a belt around your neck and jump off a cliff with the belt still attached. That would be better for everyone." 

And like clockwork, people came to his defense, calling Sadokist a "nice guy" and telling Don Haci to stop whining. Some even went on to tell Don Haci that Sadokist was right. 

Twitch took action later that day, as they have been cracking down on people exhibiting toxic behavior while using their platform. More companies are finally beginning to take toxicity in the gaming and geek communities seriously by suspending and banning people who prove to be detrimental to the overall health of the community. Unfortunately, they may be too late. Casual racism is heavily embedded in the gaming community. 

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