7 #LGBTQ #Anime You Need to Binge Watch Now

Representation is important.

Anime in its many forms have been at the forefront of being inclusive to LGBTQ peoples. But for those who are new to anime and looking for a good series may not know where to begin.

Here are 7 fantastic LGBTQ anime series that you won't be sorry you watched--and got hooked on!


Ritsuka, a 12 year old boy is searching for his brother's murderer. He meets Soubi, who claims to be a friend of his deceased brother, Seimei. Soubi tells Ritsuka that an organization called Septimal Moon may be responsible for his brother's death.


Zetsui (1989)

Koji Nanjo is good-looking, wealthy and self-destructive. One night after binge drinking, he collapses on top of a trash heap. He's rescued by Takuto Izumi. The attraction is there, but Koji is just too much.


Yuri on Ice

The relationship of Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov offer (rarely seen in media) a front row seat into the couple's ups and downs and support through some major life obstacles.


Revolutionary Girl, Utena

Fandom's Zuleika Boekhoudt says that "Revolutionary Girl Utena,  revolutionized the anime industry" by tackling some major issues such as feminism and dismantling the fairytale prince to the rescue that's been pushed on girls for centuries.

love stage.jpg

Love Stage!!

Izumi Sena was born into a family of entertainers. Izumi is an aspiring manga illustrator but is convinced to star in a television commercial. On the set of the commercial it's love at first sight with his costar who, it turns out, they've met ten years prior!


Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko)

When the shy Shuichi transfers to a new school, he befriends Yoshino, a tomboy. Together, they grow, learn about life, relationships and being trans.


Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School is an elite school for those of the highest pedigree. Haruhi Fujioka is a bright scholarship student but is not one of the elite students. Looking for a quiet place, Haruhi stumbles upon the Host Club,where a harem of boys entertains girls. 


Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers)

The shy Fumi returns to the school she had transferred from, having left her best friend, Akira behind. When Fumi returns, she falls in love with Akira. 


There's something about anime's melodrama, excitement and ability to draw emotion out of you like a crashing waterfall. These anime series are fun, beautifully illustrated and exquisitely written. They are classics among anime fans and staples among LGBTQ anime fans. Have you seen any of these series? Which series do you believe should be on this list? What did you think? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.