These Star Wars Cosplays Are Stellar

We asked readers, friends and family to send us their best Star Wars cosplays to be featured on May the 4th.

They responded with these absolutely breathtaking photos! We asked them to include:
their name, which Star Wars character they are cosplaying ( character or original), their favorite Star Wars quote, and what/who inspires you in the Star Wars universe and why.

Madeline Garcia

Star Wars Cosplay: Jyn Erso from Rogue One

Favorite Star Wars Quote: This is a new day, a new beginning - Ahsoka Tano

I think all the women from the Star Wars universe are inspiring in their own way. They all possess courage, strength, vulnerability and wit along with intelligence. They're all determined and hard working which is something so important to have and something I strive to be.

Photographer: Erik Trujillo

JusZ Cosplay

Star Wars Cosplay : Rey

Favorite Star Wars Quote: "Into the garbage shoot, flyboy!"

From diplomacy with a blaster to leading a Rebellion and then a Resistance, she shows how strength manifests in different ways and that there is no better way to bring down an oppressor than by the chains they themselves put on you. No one else could take the loss she has endured and not only persevered but come out the other side stronger.

Photography Credits: Steamkittens and Charlotte Nicholson Photography

M Blackburn

Star Wars Cosplay : Sabine Wren

Favorite Star Wars Quote: "I'm the one with enthusiasm!"

The overriding narrative of hope in the Star Wars Universe is consistently inspiring, that good will triumph over evil and that things will get better someday.

Lizzie Bickel

Star Wars Cosplay: Wicket the Ewok

Favorite Star Wars Quote: Yub Nub (what Wicket says in the movie)

Wicket because hes cute, cuddley, small and fights the bad Stormtroopers in the movie.