A Warcraft Crush

Image:  Game Square

This goes out to all the people in Azeroth with a secret crush. This was originally written YEARS ago.

It hit me like a disciplined holy nova

Out of nowhere.

How can I possibly want you as much as I do?

We're from two different worlds, you know.

So how can we possibly work?

What am I even thinking?

A rogue and a priest!

And yet we fit together damn near perfectly.

Inseparable in Azeroth.

We're in sync when we battle an enemy.

We have the same hopes and want the same peace for our worlds.

And we talk about everything so open and honestly.

Except for my desire.

That's a deep dark secret I dare not bare.

How did I even get here?

Your smile, so sweet, it cripples me--

kills me every time I see it.

Your laugh brings me to my knees

But you can't hear my psychic scream

Begging for you to give me release

To return my affection.

But I remain silenced.

And quiet

While she eviscerates your heart.

And that kills me more--

Watching her smite you undeservedly.

If I could heal your wounds and purify your pain I would.

But you're stuck in a vampiric embrace--a touch that's killing you,


The same way not having your love, your heart is destroying me.

I want to wake up with you every morning

And make you smile and forget your woes.

Give you serenity.

Explore the world and destroy our foes.

And love…

I want to know the flavor of your lips--

Your skin.

Feel your heart beat beneath my hand.





That's how it could be.

Should be.

But we're from different worlds.

So I will love you from afar

And be here when you need me,

Praying for penance for wanting what's forbidden,

And yet hoping that some day you will see

and confess you indeed do want me.