Apex Legends - Welcome to Season 01: Wild Frontier

With the first season of Apex Legends, comes some new and exciting developments to the relatively new game. The Battle Pass has been put in the store and is available for purchase right now (go get it!). Along with the Battle Pass comes new content and rewards in the form of weapon skins aplenty and four new Legend skins. Part of this new content is a new Legend! Octane has entered the battle and we’ll talk more about him after we cover the Battle Pass.

What is a Battle Pass and what are my options?

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The Battle Pass itself gives you rewards as you play and level up throughout Season 1. There are two options when it comes to the battle pass for Apex Legends: the basic Battle Pass and the Battle Pass Bundle. Instantly unlock skins for Lifeline, Wraith, and Mirage with your purchase of the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass bundle unlocks your next 25 levels for Season 1 instantly, meaning that the bundle is essentially a 25 level boost. Everyone who plays Apex Legends in season one, even without a Battle Pass, can earn Octane’s Wild Frontier skin, five Apex packs, and 18 wild Frontiers Stat Trackers. As you level up your Battle Pass to 100 and beyond you will unlock over 100 unique Rewards. Buying the battle pass and leveling up to 100 you will get various XP boosts, Legend skins, stat trackers, badges, quips, Banner frames, weapon skins, an epic and a legendary Apex pack, as well as the 1000 Apex coins. Apex credits can be used to buy skins in the Apex shop or Legends, as well as Battle Passes.

If the Season 2 Battle Pass does not cost more than the Season 1 Battle Pass you will be able to buy the Season 2 Battle Pass with your winnings from Season 1. At level 100 there is the big reward of an evolving legendary Havoc skin and going past level 100 will get you a golden version of that skin. If you have already been leveling up your battle pass, have no fear because buying the battle pass will get you all of the rewards that you would have learned if you had it at the very beginning.

“Whoa . . . what a rush!”

“Whoa . . . what a rush!”

Octavio ”Octane” Silva, is a high energy, nonstop adrenaline junkie. Octavio had gathered quite the following when it came to internet fame, basically the equivalent of a daredevil YouTuber. He did stunts for his fans to watch on holovids, and after a stunt went wrong, he found himself with legs beyond repair. With a little help from Lifeline, he got himself a pair of bionic legs. Realizing he could just replace his limbs with biotic ones at a whim, he decided to follow his adrenaline rush to the Apex Games.

His passive ability is Swift Mend and it automatically restores Health overtime regardless of if the damage was done by Stim or an enemy. Octane’s tactical ability is Stim allowing him to move 30% faster for 6 seconds, but it costs health to use. His ultimate ability is LaunchPad he puts a jump pad on the ground that can catapult teammates through the air. It can also be used to get a cheeky bounce with grenades.

Well, that’s all we have for the world of Apex Legends at the moment! Keep checking back and we’ll keep you up to date on the next Apex Legends news. Do you have something you’d like to see? Notice something we missed? Leave it in the comments below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter! Go forth and be the Champion!