Artist Profile: Getting to Know Render Goddess

Who is Render Goddess?

You’ve likely seen her work on Tumblr or Twitter, going viral among digital artists, Black geeks, and anyone who loves beautiful artwork. Dannie aka Render Goddess fills a much-needed void in the digital portrayal of People of Color, specifically Black people.

I was sitting at my computer eating Frosted Flakes at 3 AM because insomnia sometimes dictates my life. I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across this gorgeous rendering of Nubia and I needed to know who created it. It was Render Goddess. And as I marveled through her works of art, I realized I had seen her work before and remember thinking, “Why can’t we have Black video game characters in our video games who look like this?”

Ge’NeL was able to catch up with Dannie aka Render Goddess to get to know her a little better.

Ge’NeL: You’ve been a digital artist for about 10 years. How did you get into digital artistry?
Render Goddess: I got into this industry because my sister introduced me to the program Daz Studio. It reminded me of a character creation from a video game, just way more advanced. 

Ge’NeL: Who or what is your biggest inspiration for your art?
Render Goddess: My biggest inspiration for art is anything video game or CG related.

Ge’NeL: Which 5 games would you say define you?
Render Goddess: My five games that define me: Project Justice, Soul Calibur (for Dreamcast), Jet Set Radio Future, Mortal Kombat 9, and Kung Fu Chaos.

Ge’NeL: What 3 songs would be the soundtrack to your life?
Render Goddess: I have so many but the three would be "I Will Never Know" by Tall Black Guy featuring Moonchild, "Boredom" by Tyler The Creator, and "Knuck If You Buck" by Crime Mob.

Ge’NeL: What's the weirdest thing a fan or follower has done for you?
Render Goddess: A fan told someone that him and I are friends but I don't even know the dude from a can of paint.

Ge’NeL: What's the dumbest way you've injured yourself?
Render Goddess: My dumbest injury just happened a few days ago: I was brushing my afro up to put it into a high puff and ended up hurting my neck to the point where I couldn't bend or barely turn it to the side. Had to call out of work the next day.

Ge’NeL: Do you have a useless talent?
Render Goddess: Not that I know of, no.

Ge’NeL: What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Render Goddess: The best piece of advice would probably be from my dad. He always told me to elevate in life, to keep learning and pushing. Don't just stay stagnant because you're comfortable

Ge’NeL: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
Render Goddess: I would tell artists to be proud of their artwork no matter what because there's not a soul out there that could recreate their work just how they did it. Someone could trace and possibly free-hand a piece but the amount of effort, brush strokes, penciling, shading, whatever could NEVER be duplicated.

Ge’NeL: Do you have a favorite piece of artwork that you’ve created?
Render Goddess: I have quite a few actually.

Ge’NeL: What would you like people to know about you and your art?
Render Goddess: That my art and I are one because they literally come from me.

Just what is 3D rendering? gives a simple definition:

3D Rendering is the process of producing an image based on three-dimensional data stored within a computer.

It’s a creative process unlike cinematography and traditional photography, except, the artist is capturing images that were created by computer.

We’re excited for what’s to come from Dannie. Her 3D render art, especially her Black female video game characters are how we would like to see ourselves portrayed in our favorite games. She captures the essence of her characters so well that they’re often mistaken for cosplays! Hopefully, we’ll see more of this in our games. Follow Render Goddess on Tumbler and Twitter to see more of her breathtaking works of art. Do you have a favorite piece of artwork by Render Goddess?