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Ken Levine’s BioShock is arguably one of the best game series of all time. ALL TIME. Irrational Games released the first game in the bizarre first-person shooter in 2007. BioShock was set in 1960s but actually took place in an underwater metropolis called Rapture built in the 1940s by Andrew Ryan in an attempt to escape the tyranny of government. While Jack, the protagonist, is tasked to stop Ryan, he must fend off hideous creatures such as Big Daddies who were accompanied by creepy little children called Little Sisters. Little Sisters harvest the bodies of corpses and how the game ends depends on how you interact with the Little Sisters.

Bioshock released the sequel in 2010, once again, set in in the failed utopian, undwerwater city of Rapture. This time, the game takes place two years prior to the events of the first Bioshock game. And in 2013, Irrational Games released the critically acclaimed, yet controversial third installment of the series, BioShock Infinite. Infinite takes place in Columbia, a fictional, steampunk skycity suspended high in the air by blimps, balloons and quantum levitation. If you haven’t experienced these games yet, you won’t want to miss this deal!

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