It's Official: New Overwatch Hero is Baptiste

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Newest Overwatch Hero, Baptiste, could be coming to the PTR very soon.

On February 19, Blizzard released a teaser video of Sombra hacking into Talon’s system, uncovering a classified document—Subject: Cuerva Strike Team - Log Recovered. The document detailed a mission to Haiti to apprehend or kill their former team member, Jean-Baptiste Augustin. It didn’t take long for the Overwatch community to put two and two together to conclude that Baptiste would surely be Hero 30. One week later on February 25, Blizzard released Baptiste’s Origin Story video.

Here’s the Intel we’ve gathered from the classified Talon document and Baptiste’s Origin Story.

  • Baptiste is a medic. Yup, he’s a support hero.

  • He’s a very good shot. He could be another sniper type or like Soldier 76, but more supportier (yes, I made that word up. It’s mine!).

  • He’s incredibly lucky.

  • He was trained by Talon and was one of their best.

  • Talon likely saved Baptiste during the Omnic Wars. The video shows a very young Baptiste standing in front of a soldier wearing a Talon uniform. But it also shows Talon soldiers looting the destruction.

Hero 30 Predictions

  • Haiti will be an Overwatch Archives event map where we have to hunt down Baptiste or fend off Cuerva’s team. The three Talon operatives who Baptiste has tied up in the in video are likely his three former teammates sent to capture or kill him.

  • Instead of a sniper rifle with healing darts like Ana, the video art shows Baptiste with an automatic weapon that looks like a modified M-249 rifle or grenade launcher. He’s going to be spraying healing bullets. He’s also carrying what looks like a healing grenade similar to Ana. My prediction is he will be able to lob grenades or mini heal bombs.

  • Baptiste’s ultimate will have something to do with "The Devil’s Own Luck” as mentioned in the document.

Source: IMDB

Our newest hero is being voiced by Haitian-Canadian actor Benz Antoine. Benz has played in films like Romeo Must Die, Four Brothers, and Death Race (I knew I recognized him getting thrown out of the car by Tyrese’s character, Joe) and TV shows Taken and Rookie Blue among many others.

What do you think about Overwatch’s latest hero reveal? Were you expecting another hero? Were you hoping for another hero?