New Overwatch Skin: Talon Baptiste

This is probably one of the least surprising new skin reveals, but still cool nonetheless…

You cannot release a new hero and former Talon agent just before Overwatch Archive: Storm Rising and NOT give them a new skin for the Archive event. So yeah, we knew this skin was coming this batch.Still, Bae-tiste Baptiste looks pretty dope.

We know that Overwatch skins help to tell the story of the heroes (and villains) we play. And Baptiste was one of Talon’s best combat medics until he went AWOL. He had originally joined Talon as a means to an end, but soon grew tired of being witness to and participating in their evil deeds. So he chucked the deuces and disappeared, until he was tracked down in Port-au-Prince, Haiti by his former team.

So, I’m hoping Orisa gets a new skin. She recently received a new skin, but compared to her counterparts, she’s lacking in the skins department. I’d also like to see a kind of sexy Mei skin. Thick girls are sexy too, dammit! And no, sexy does NOT have to equal revealing. But something less frumpy.

We’ll keep you updated on the new skin reveals as the come. Who else do you think will get a new skin this event?