Overwatch Hero #30, Baptiste - Already on PTR

Our newest support hero, Baptiste, is ready to make the world a better place.

When Baptiste was confirmed as Overwatch Hero #30, we predicted what some of his abilities could be. We were right. We compared our predictions with his abilities.

Instead of a sniper rifle with healing darts like Ana, the video art shows Baptiste with an automatic weapon that looks like a modified M-249 rifle or grenade launcher. He’s going to be spraying healing bullets. He’s also carrying what looks like a healing grenade similar to Ana. My prediction is he will be able to lob grenades or mini heal bombs.

Source: Blizzard

Yup. Baptiste will be lobbing around healing grenades like nobody’s business. I’m thinking of him as kind of a healing Junkrat.

The Ana-like grenade in his had will act similarly to Ana’s.

“Baptiste’s ultimate will have something to do with ‘The Devil’s Own Luck’ as mentioned in the document.”

Immortality Field definitely sounds like something that has to do with having good luck. It looks to be an Orisa-type device that can be destroyed. But, it’s not an ultimate ability like we thought.

Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix is his ultimate. It looks like looks to set up similarly to Mei’s wall, but works very much like Mercy’s ultimate ability.

Are you playing Baptiste on the PTR yet? What do you think of his abilities?