17- Year Old Instagrammer, Bianca Devins Brutally Murdered with Photos Plastered on Social Media

Was he just a family friend? An obsessed fan? Or both. Either way, this is one of way too many cautionary tales for women and could increase fear of physical retaliation after rejecting someone.

On July 14, 2019, Utica, NY rising Instagram influencer, Bianca Devins attended a concert of Canadian musician Nicole Dollenganger with her friend, 21-year old Brandon Andrew Clark. At the concert, they met up with another person, alleged to be Devins’ boyfriend or someone she was romantically involved with. Direct Messages (DMs) from Discord that were shared with Rolling Stone show Clark being upset with Devins, saying he was “so mad” at her for “holding hands and kissing this other person” during the concert.

Around 6:40 AM, Discord, Instagram, and 4chan users reported beginning to see images of Devins with her throat cut sitting in an SUV. Lt. Brian Coromato of the Utica Police Department told Rolling Stone, that they “received multiple calls at around 7:20 a.m. from concerned 4chan and Discord users who had seen Clark’s posts.” Clark had also made a call to the police and made “incriminating statements.”

When the police arrived to the scene, Devins was already dead and Clark was found with “multiple sharp objects” and “in critical condition” from self-inflicted wounds to his neck.

Lt. Coromato says he believes Devins and Clark were “were boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever kids these days call it.” However, Chels and other members of their Discord server said that they were purely platonic friends and Clark had agreed to give Devins a ride to the concert.

CBSNews reported that Devins and Clark met via Instagram and had “become acquainted with each other’s families.” There are rumors that the two dated, but nothing confirmed. Either way, nothing excuses the brutal murder of a girl or anyone for that matter.

This developing story is yet another commentary on the need to teach boys and young men how to deal with rejection early in life. Along with the photos of the photos of the gruesome murder, Clark, a Bridgeport, NY native, allegedly included the caption, “Sorry fuckers, you’re gonna have to find someone else to orbit.”

It’s 2019 and we live in a society where asking to not be sexually harassed, raped, or abused is met with blame and condemnation for wanting to be respected as human beings! We’re shamed for dressing a certain way, for our professions, for wearing makeup, for saying “NO”. And women are scared for each other, because no matter what we say, there are way too many dudes who think their behavior is justified or simply do not care enough to correct their friend or family member’s behavior before it turns into this story.

We, as a community, as a society, need to do better. Will you help us? Take this survey so that we can more accurately assess the climate in our community. Ladies and gentleman, please be safe. Be careful. Trust your instincts if they are telling you don’t go or don’t do something.