Razer Drops Brazilian Twitch Streamer, Gabi Cattuzzo for Clapping Back at Harasser

And this is a huge problem.

Tuesday, July 25, Razer’s Brazilian branch announced that they will let the contract of Gabi Cattuzzo run out and will not renew it.

Razer Inc. is the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, with a particular focus on influencers in the gaming industry. Gabi Cattuzzo, is a gamer, cosplayer and influencer who streams primarily on Facebook with over 68,000 followers and another 90,000 followers on Twitch. Until recently, she was an influencer for Razer Brazil.

It all started when Cattuzzo tweeted a photo of her riding a mechanical bull. A tweeter who goes by Rhaegar responded, “You can ride on me…” Cattuzzo responded, “There's always going to be a fucking male to talk shit and sexualize a woman even when the woman is making a joke, right? That's why man is trash.” Her male followers and even people not following her were upset with her generalization. One user even went so far as to ask her to remove it because he was offended. And NOT ONE PERSON corrected Rhaegar’s behavior. Cattuzzo has since deleted the tweet, but you can view the conversation here. It’s in Portuguese but Google can translate it for you.

Razer Brasil, issued a statement not only distancing themselves from Cattuzzo, but gaslighting the situation.

We would like to make it clear that Gabi is not a spokesperson for Razer and has never been a brand ambassador,” the tweet read.

She was part of a team of influencers who were called upon to use and publicise the brand's products.

As gamers, we face every type of preconception and stereotype from the outset, and we will continue fighting so that this type of situation doesn’t repeat itself.

The statement concluded by saying the company opposes any kind of “extremism.

Razer literally shamed a young woman for defending herself against sexism by ending her contract. Razer reaffirmed the misogynistic ideal that sexual harassment is okay. Defending yourself from it is not. Cattuzzo has since received death threats and still undertaking mass harassment and is taking a break from social media. Somehow, dudes think THIS is acceptable.

We get it: Razer’s base is primarily male gamers. And unfortunately, that means supporting or even being silent in the instance of sexual harassment is good for business.

It’s 2019 and as women fight for ownership of our own bodies and sexuality and the right to exist without being subjected to sexual harassment, there are way too many men who refuse to let that happen. And there are the corporations and even laws that validate their misogyny, just as Razer did, by making the issue about gamers and not one word about this young woman being sexually harassed. Hell, a pregnant woman was shot in the stomach and then charged for the murder of that baby! Is this 2019 or 1919?

Women are not expected to defend themselves at all. We are told that “It’s just how boys/men are” which says that boys and men are excused as not having control of their behavior. Or “You’re a girl, get used to it. What do you expect?” Or we are told that any “aggressive” response is worse than the harassment itself. “You’re just as bad for responding to harassment the way you did.” Except, the people who are angry and offended aren’t even mentioning the fact that she was publicly sexually harassed! Razer made absolutely no mention of it! Instead of telling women and girls to get used to harassment or excusing sexual harassment, how about teaching boys and men to NOT SEXUALLY HARASS!

Ge’NeL is only a small publication, but if Razer thinks ignoring sexual harassment and punishing someone for defending themselves is cool, then we will be removing all Razer ads and dropping their affiliate program.