Twitch's BroadcastHER Grant Will Give up to $2000 to Select Female Streamers

In an effort to help more female broadcasters succeed in creating content, Twitch launched the BroadcastHER Grant Program.

It's no secret that women in geek culture, especially within the gaming community are constantly subjected to sexual harassment, body-shaming and trolling. Even with this, there is still the myth that female streamers fair better than their male counterparts. Online Performance Group found that, out of "2500 channels polled, women made up just under 20% of streamers." OPG is  the digital marketing service behind Twitch legends Towelliee and Bajheera.

Another myth is that women streamers get more viewers because of their physical attributes. Research dispelled this, showing that male streamers, on average, also tend to gain more concurrent viewers than female streamers--10 times more concurrent viewers. Women also tend to receive less offers to join eSports teams and for sponsorships. 

The reasons for the widespread myths and lack of sponsorship opportunities for female streamers is rooted in a sexist culture that mirrors that of the offline world. This is why Twitch has partnered with 1,000 Dreamers Fund to offer financial assistance to female streamers. 

Each semester 1DF will select a group of applicants to receive a grant between $100 and $2000 to help pay for travel expenses, equipment and more. By funding more women streamers, Twitch and 1DF are hoping to combat the toxicity of harassment toward women streamers on their platform as more game developers and gaming communities attempt to address and combat the purveying negativity in their respective communities.

Women interested in applying for the BroadcastHER Grant have until May 1, 2018 to apply. For more details, you can visit their website here.