League of Legends New Champion Breakdown - Qiyana

Riot Games - Qiyana

Riot Games - Qiyana

The League of Legends world is gaining a new, powerful woman to the roster of champions!

Qiyana is a highly mobile AD burst assassin. She works with the environment to set up magnificent plays, working with the in-game terrain in ways we’ve never seen before.

Qiyana’s Passive - Royal Privilege - will deal extra damage on the first ability or attack that Qiyana places on a champion and changing elements will reset the cooldown. In her Q ability - Edge of Ixtal - Qiyana slashes the area in front of her dealing damage. If she is currently using an element, her weapon will hurl a projectile that explodes. River will root opponents on hit, wall will deal bonus damage to units with low health, and brush will leave a trail that provides Qiyana stealth and movement speed. Qiyana’s W is Terrashape. This ability allows Qiyana to target an element (brush, river, or a wall) and gain the element as she makes a quick dash forward. Useful for its movement and providing an element, which resets her passive, this ability is going to be crucial to maximizing your damage. Audacity, Qiyana’s W ability, lets Qiyana dash toward a target enemy, dealing damage upon arrival. Her ultimate is Supreme Display of Power. Qiyana will create a shockwave, knocking back enemies - any river, brush, or wall that is hit provides an extra pop of damage, then stun enemies hit.

Qiyana has the ability to adapt and overcome almost any challenge, hunting down squishy champions and snowballing her team to victory. Knowing where to position yourself around your chosen element, or using Terrashape to select a nearby element, will grant you extra damage, attack speed, and damage buffs. Look to be maximizing the time you have an element selected, as it also provides buffs to Edge of Ixtal, allowing you to root, deal bonus damage to low targets, or chase your opponents in stealth.  A good Q-W-Q will give you some insane outplay potential as well as giving you bonus damage from your passive. Beware of fighters who can survive your burst of damage, or worse, CC you to stop your combo.

Qiyana has no trouble picking off immobile skillshot champions, using her mobility to juke around their damage and nuking them down. Dragon and Baron area fights are a Qiyana’s dream as it will allow you to have the full range of access to your elements, letting you adapt as you need to in fights, not to mention all those passive resets that are upping your damage. Your ultimate gets a lot scarier when you’ve got an element to combo it with. Ulting through brush or the river causes a wave of ice to follow your shockwave, stunning enemies hit by the ice. When your enemies’ back is against a wall, send a shockwave at them to cause an explosion along the length of the wall and stunning enemies hit by the blast.

We hope that this has given you some insight into our new assassin, Qiyana! Heed our tips and tricks and we bet you’ll get Mastery 7 in no time. See you on the Rift, Summoner!

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Riot Games Acts Fast to Remove Possible Epileptic Seizure Trigger

Riot Games

Riot Games


A League of Legends player, Apricot Princess, took to the forums a last week to let Riot Games know that the Trial House Finishers - a new animation that had been added a few weeks ago - were causing issues for people with epilepsy. In her post, she writes

However, the new kill/death animations for the house missions–those big strobey house logos that pop up over a champion you kill– are a huge issue for photosensitive epilepsy and cannot be turned off nor the effects turned down. I understand that epileptics are in the minority for those who play the game, but League has brought me a lot of joy these past few years and it's heartbreaking that Riot doesn't take epilepsy seriously when developing and designing new game mechanics.

On the post, one of the game's developers apologized for the problem but noted that they didn’t have the “time or bandwidth” to create a toggle to turn them off. The developer wrote “we would rather ship [the finishers] with no toggle than not ship them because we couldn't do a toggle, but we knew there would be some level of frustration and risk with that. So again, my apologies for making League less enjoyable for you in the meantime.” Since then, Riot Games - possibly due to community backlash - has decided to remove finishers completely for the time being.

Apricot Princess added to her post, saying that she’s submitted multiple support tickets to Riot Games about things that could be changed to make the game safer for her and other photosensitive epileptics. League of Legends has a colorblind mode but has never had a photosensitive mode. “Ultimately, I was told that it has been brought up to devs before and that they, unfortunately, don't care or see it as a priority,” she wrote, but still has hopes that they will add a photosensitive mode in the future and has offered to answer any questions Riot Games might have about what could help.

Riot added to their response: “Because we take photosensitive epilepsy issues extremely seriously, Trials finisher animations have been disabled. When we bring finishers back, we’ll make sure players have the option to turn them off themselves.” The finishers were a reward for completing missions during the Trial House Event. Since removing the finishers, Riot Games has replaced the reward with a loot box, which seems to be a decent trade to the community.

Here’s hoping that Riot listens to the community and adds a photosensitive mode in the future, ideally referencing their epileptic player base to do so. Comments? Suggestions? Things we missed or that you disagree with? Drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook Fan page or @ us on Twitter!

Are You a League of Legends Trivia Master?

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The League of Legends TLDR: Ranked In 2019

Ranked Solo/Duo has been the same for a relatively long time, since 2013, disregarding the addition of pre-selecting roles. Before League Points and Promotional matches, there was an ever-changing ELO ranked system much like that in Overwatch. You could move throughout tiers seamlessly without the blockade of winning three out of five games. While LP and promo games are here to stay, 2019 is going to bring some changes to a long-used (debatably tired) system.

Riot Sapmagic noted four key things that they thought ranked should do:

  • Give clear feedback after each placement game.

  • Surface a diverse set of challenges throughout the season.

  • Provide regular milestones and meaningful goals regardless of skill level.

  • Reward deep and ongoing investment.”

Beginning in 2019, you will be able to see your lowest possible entry rank, called a provisional rank, while you're playing your first 10 games in ranked. This is the rank that you would get if you lost every single game of your provisionals. When you are playing your 10 games you will be able to see yourself gaining LP as it happens and you will be protected from LP loss. During provisional games, you will not have to play promotionals and will simply advance from one division into the next.

2019 will also bring positional matchmaking, which is a fancy way of saying you’ll be matched based on the skill you play the role you’re queueing for and will actually allow one player to have five solo/duo rankings if they were to play all roles. It will also mean that you see a direct and accurate reflection of how good you are at each role. You might be a Bronze Mid-laner but a Gold Marksman and now you'll know. As you can see in the photo below each position will have its own rank including its own promotional games and its own placement games. Rito is looking for a way to incentivize people who might take advantage of the system and not take off-role games seriously and we are excited to see what they come up with.

2019 will bring ranked borders at the beginning of the season, instead of the end, allowing players to watch their border change and grow throughout the season. Now if you look slightly right on the picture above you'll notice a split section. The season will now be divided into three splits, and your rank will not be resetting each split. Splits are going to help riot with the reward part that they want to address, but we don’t have many details as of yet. Some possible rewards mentioned were icons, rank border upgrades, and maybe even some in-game flair.

There will be two new tiers coming to ranked in 2019. The largest concentrations of players are located in Bronze, Silver, and Diamond. This has caused Bronze and Silver to feel very similar while there is little definition between the different divisions of Diamond. These two new tiers should bring definition to the tiers that they surround and have allowed Riot to squash the number of divisions in each tier from 5 to 4. So unless the new tiers are below bronze the lowest ranking will be Bronze 4.

That wraps it up for our Ranked in 2019: TLDR! We hope you enjoyed it and we hope we were able to break it down and make it quick and easy to read and understand. Keep an eye out here for all the upcoming ranked changes here. Have fun on the rift, Summoners!

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