Top 5 Hottest Cowboys in Video Games

Sexual attraction toward characters in video games is different for many. When men think of sexy, they tend to think of exposed body parts (breasts, booty, thighs). Hence, the outcry for the Mortal Kombat 9 female costumes to be put into Mortal Kombat 11.

They also think that exposing the digital chests of men in video games is a reverse form of objectification to satisfy women gamers. That is not true at all. Why? For many, if not most women gamers, sexual attraction has nothing to do with unrealistic, digital abs and big arms (that’s for men’s adoration and idea of what masculine should look like, not female sexual gratification). So, what’s sexy to femme gamers? Cowboys.

Here are the top 5 cowboys in video games who can get it.

McCree Blackwatch Skin.jpg

Jesse McCree


When an enemy McCree stuns me and says, “Whoa there,” I don’t know whether to be angry or turned on. No seriously, McCree or, as some Overwatch players refer to him, Daddy, exudes that old West charm and grit often seen in old Western films.


Sadie Adler

Red Dead Redemption 2

Look up badassery in the dictionary and you’ll see Sadie Adler’s beautiful face right there. RDR2 players didn’t just fall in love with her super cute freckles, kinda messy hair and voice, but with her triumphant storyline. We discovered her story by playing through the game. From widow to bad ass outlaw, Sadie—we can’t stop crushing on Sadie.

Mortal Kombat 11 Screenshot 2019.05.11 -

Erron Black

Mortal Kombat 11

The only thing we trust about Erron Black is that he was definitely a cutie pie at least 150 years ago when he worked for Shang Tsung. He’s a mercenary who is actually from the old West. But this dog has learned many new tricks.


John Marston

Red Dead Redemption

He’s the quintessential cowboy Robin Hood—ex-criminal with a heart of gold. Sure, he left the life of crime to be a family man, but that’s the bad boy turned good trope that makes gamers swoon.




Gorgeous. Rich. Deadly. Overwatch’s Ashe leads the Deadlock Gang that operates out of Arizona. With her BoB (Big Omnic Butler) by her side, she steals anything she wants. Including our hearts.

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Former Overwatch Pro Dellor Has Sexist Meltdown While Streaming Apex Legends

His behavior is nothing new, especially among “pros” but it was kinda hilariously sad.

Matt 'Dellor' Vaughn is under fire for his sexist tirade while playing Apex Legends live on Twitch. When a level two player took armor Dellor had sat down, he asked for the armor back a few times to no response. Dellor seemed to already be agitated but grew angry with his pleas being repeatedly ignored.

When he cried, “Can I have the armor or I’m going to leave!,” his teammate finally responded with, “Leave, I don’t give a fuck.” Which seems to have pushed Dellor over the edge.

Then Dellor erupted, “Fucking trash, go cook a fucking sandwich, you fucking bitch.” He really said “go COOK a fucking sandwich.”

This isn’t the first time Dellor has come under fire for toxic raging. The former Toronto Overwatch player’s esports career was cut short when he went on a racist rant while streaming on Twitch. His rant lasted for about 30 seconds, repeatedly shouting the N-word. Of course he apologized, simply saying he “fucked up.”

Here’s the problem with that so-called apology and disingenuous apologies like that of Dellor. If, in a moment of anger, your go-to is racial epithets and sexist stereotypes, then you didn’t fuck—it’s something ingrained in you and THAT is what you need to work on. Part of the reason people get away with racist and sexist tirades as having simply made a mistake is that we have a community that continues to brush it off while telling women and Black gamers to just “suck it up” and “just ignore it.” Unfortunately, this includes the little slaps on the wrist that Twitch gives them.

Now, here Dellor is again, on Twitch in a misogyny-filled rant that people have dubbed Dellor rage. This begs the question, why does Twitch keep giving chances to racists and misogynists? Is profitability more important than fighting the toxicity that plagues the gaming community?

If I had to guess, Twitch will give Dellor a 30-day ban and he’ll be right back to streaming and this will happen again, and again. And thus, the cycle will continue.

Autism Acceptance Month - Representation and Acceptance of Autism in Gaming

In the spirit of Autism Acceptance Month, your local aspie is coming to you to talk about (the lack of) autistic representation in video games.

First, let’s cover what autism is and why we’re calling it Autism Acceptance Month instead of the traditional “Autism Awareness Month”. Then we’ll get into the meat and bones of who our canonically autistic characters are and why we should have more representation.

Amy from  Amy

Amy from Amy

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurological condition in which social interaction, communication, and even motor skills are affected. Autistic people may also have need rituals and routines, have special interests, sensory issues, trouble expressing feelings, difficulty forming and maintaining relationships and perhaps engaging in repetitive and compulsive behaviors (often referred to as “stimming”). Autism is hyper-individualized and presents itself differently from autistic person to autistic person. People are born with or without autism and it is generally diagnosed in childhood. Though some autistic people slip through the cracks and don’t get diagnosed until adulthood. Boys are more likely to receive a diagnosis of autism than girls, as the way it manifests from boys to girls is often different. Girls tend to copy and mimic behavior around them, often camouflaging their autism to a point that it can be missed by a professional not aware of how autism presents in girls and women. While boys do not generally do not do this mimicking of behavior.  

Autism Awareness vs Autism Acceptance

The word awareness comes to mind when we talk about cancer, rare diseases, and negative things. We want people to be aware of those things, typically, so they can better protect themselves against it or money can be gathered for a cure. Therefore, Autism Awareness suggests that we are a problem waiting to be fixed. Awareness also works based off of stereotypes and often casts autistic people in a negative light. People in the world are aware of autism, but typically have a very hyperbolic and misguided view of autistic people.

Autism Acceptance, on the other hand, is all about taking in autistic people as they are. It is accepting our stimming and being okay with the fact that eye contact just might not be our thing.  Awareness highlights us as Other. Acceptance looks at the commonalities we share while celebrating our differences. Please make sure that the organizations that you support this month and throughout the year are run by autistics themselves. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a great place to start if you’re looking to learn about Autism and everything to do with it from actually autistic folks. As the saying in the autistic community goes: nothing about us without us.

Autism in Gaming

The lack of autistic representation in AAA games is honestly saddening, but not surprising. In fact, there wasn’t even an autistic character in a Triple-A game until 2001 in Twisted Metal Black, and that character didn’t even have a name. Autistic video game characters include these twelve: Cassandra from Rage of the Dragons, Jade (The Indigo Child) from Fahrenheit,  Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum from the Bioshock franchise, Simone Cole from Clive Barker’s Jericho, David Archer from Mass Effect 2 DLC, River Wyles from To The Moon, Amy from Amy, Patricia Tannis from Borderlands 2, Symmetra from Overwatch, Josh Sauchak from Watch Dogs 2, Rell from Warframe, and Shana from I Don’t Have A Clue.

A lot of the autistic representation in gaming isn’t great, either.

Most of the characters mentioned reinforce the “savant” style of autism where an autistic person is only worth having around if they have a special ability or are exceedingly talented at one specific thing (their special interest). You can see that in the case of Brigid Tenenbaum who was only saved because of her love of science and was blinded to the atrocities she was committing in the process. Amy tasks the player with taking care of Amy, an autistic child, who can heal the player and is immune from the zombie infection the game is set in (think The Last of Us).

“In a Better World” - Blizzard Entertainment

Symmetra is one of the few, well-done pieces of autistic representation in games. The average player might not even notice the autistic traits that Symmetra has, but it stood out to me the second I heard her interact with the other heroes. “Do not deviate from the plan, and victory will be ours.” is more than a quip about winning. Most autistic individuals, myself included, struggle with changing the plan or routine. As characters run around the map making jokes back and forth, Symmetra misses most of the ones thrown her way or takes them extremely literally which is another subtle nod to her autism. In the Overwatch comic “A Better World” there are more subtle nods to the fact that Symmetra is autistic before she comes right out with it and we see her thoughts.

Sanjay has always said I was… different. Everyone has. Asking where I fit on the spectrum. It used to bother me because I knew it was true. It doesn’t bother me anymore. Because I can do things no one else can do.

I love how we see that Symmetra has struggled with her autism but she’s come to accept and embrace it. It makes her strong in a different way. It empowers her.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and feel more knowledgeable about autism and autism acceptance as a whole. I hope to see a more positive representation of autism in the gaming industry as well as television and other media in the future. Comments? Suggestions? Things we missed or that you disagree with? Drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook Fan page or @ us on Twitter!

Update: There's a Storm Brewing in Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising Named Maximilien

Update: There's a Storm Brewing in Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising Named Maximilien

Update: We have a closer look at Maximilien.

Blizzard released another teaser giving us a closer look at Maximilien. The Overwatch strike team is surveiling the streets of Havana looking for Doomfist’s accountant, Maximilien.

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There's a Storm Brewing in Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising


Blizzard released the teaser, Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising that will feature the Overwatch strike team of Mercy, Winston, and Genji with Tracer leading the team.

While accessing the latest archived file we find a transmission for Commander Morrison from an Overwatch operative known only as Sojourn at the moment.

Commander Morrison, I have a proposal. We’re going at catching Doomfist the wrong way. He’s clean. But his accountant, Maximilien? Follow the money and you’ll find the dirt you need.
— Sojourn

Here’s what we know so far. The strike team will be going after Maximilien, a member of Talon’s inner circle. The recording says that Maximilien is Doomfist’s accountant. And we know that Maximilien is a wealthy omnic who owns a casino in Monaco.

This could be related to property in Havana being bought up by a foreign entity. We assumed the foreign entity was Talon, which looks to be correct. Maximilien must be the one buying up all of the property in Havana, possibly using the rum company to launder money and the port, also mentioned in the Havana Sun newspaper, to ship something other than rum.

As a hurricane approaches Havana, we believe this is where the Archives event will take place. The title “Storm Rising” could be reference to, not only the impending storm, but the hunt for Maximilien as well as putting the strike team to the test.

I know you’re worried about sending the strike team out again after what happened with Reinhardt…I’m putting Tracer in charge…she’s grown as a leader since the King’s Row mission and I know you’ll agree.
— Sojourn

A storm is definitely on its way to the Caribbean. We still don’t have all of the details about Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising, but Blizzard will release more soon enough. They love to keep fans on the edges of their seats. Surely, the days leading up to the release of the event will be filled with new skins and more teaser info.

The Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising events will be from April 16 to May 6. Are you excited for Archives 2019?

Say Goodbye to Loot Boxes in Heroes of the Storm

Until The week of March 26, Gems were the only in-game currency that players could purchase with real currency in Heroes of the Storm. That option has been removed.

In recent years, Loot Boxes have become a fixture in the most popular games (Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Objective, Apex Legends, etc.). But Blizzard Entertainment has decided to make changes to how players can purchase loot chests in HotS.

Since the controversy with the loot boxes of Star Wars: Battlefront II, developers have been eyeing options to remove loot boxes or improve their loot box system so as not to be seen as creating “pay to win” games. The March 18, 2019 patch does not go into detail about why Blizzard is making changes to loot boxes. They only make it clear that players will no longer be able to use real currency to purchase loot boxes.

Starting the week of March 26, all Loot chests earned through progression (except Hero-specific Chests), Heroes Brawl, or by spending Gold will be Caldeum Complex Loot Chests. These loot chests guarantee at least one item from the Caldeum Complex or previous years’ Lunar New Year Spring events. Carve out your place among the infamous gangs and score yourself some sweet loot before the streets calm on April 30!

HotS players will still be able to use real currency to buy Gems, Heroes, Bundles, Stimpacks, and Featured Items. But because the randomized loot boxes are seen as a form of gambling, Gems cannot be used to purchase them.

The changes could be influenced by recent concerns about paid loot boxes being a form of gambling and politicians both in the U.S. and the EU have proposed legislation to remove loot boxes from games. And to comply with the Belgian Gaming Commission, Blizzard removed paid loot boxes from both Overwatch and HotS in 2018 from their games in Belgium.

Blizzard Announces Toxicity is Down in Overwatch

Blizzard Announces Toxicity is Down in Overwatch

Toxicity in gaming is a huge problem. Fortunately, some developers, like Blizzard, are taking measures to reduce problematic behavior in gaming.

At the 2019 Game Developers Conference, Blizzard research developer Natasha Miller said toxicity in Overwatch is down 40 percent since last year. They attribute the decline in “problematic behavior” to the in-game measures Blizzard implemented in 2018.

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It's Official: New Overwatch Hero is Baptiste

It's Official: New Overwatch Hero is Baptiste

Baptiste is Overwatch Hero 30

On February 19, Blizzard released a teaser video of Sombra hacking into Talon’s system, uncovering a classified document—Subject: Cuerva Strike Team - Log Recovered. The document detailed a mission to Haiti to apprehend or kill their former team member, Jean-Baptiste Augustin.

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New Overwatch Hero Could Be Jean-Baptiste Augustin

New Overwatch Hero Could Be Jean-Baptiste Augustin

On February 19, Blizzard released a new assault map for Overwatch: Paris.

The Paris map is a beautiful, futuristic map full of small, winding streets and corners, like the modern city itself. The city looks to have been abandoned due to Omnic-Human tensions. There are wanted posters for various Omnics inside the police station.

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