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Ge'NeL Magazine is having our very first giveaway! We're giving away an assortment of geeky goodies from PAX East. The only thing you get to know is that all this swag comes in a bag from Cougar Gaming. The swag itself is from various companies who were very generous. So are you ready for this?

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From PAX East, A Look At "Detroit: Become Human"

Ge'NeL Magazine's PR Director, Quin Martin had the opportunity to play the Detroit: Become Human demo at PAX East. Here's what she was able to tell us.

It was amazing
Graphics are smooth
The people are so realistic
Beautiful scenes.
It’s like playing a cutscene!
Every thing you do affects your outcome in the demo.
You play as Connor, an Android
Negotiating the hostage of a little girl.
You’re called in by the swat team and you search for clues in the house before exiting onto the patio to negotiate the hostage release
The “kidnapper” is also an Android, the family Android/helper. His name is Daniel.
He’s holding a gun to the little girls head like trash to jump and you must talk him down
Total demo time was about 15 min.

Detroit is an RPG that explores what can happen when androids become aware. Created by the same team that gave us Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream delivers yet another remarkably realistic action-thriller where the decisions you make determine the outcome.

Detroit has been in development for a few years now and will finally be released May 26th, 2018. Like all of Quantic Dream's titles, Detroit is a Playstation exclusive. Here's another playthrough demo from Game News Official

Are you going to snag Detroit on May 26? Let us know what you think of the previews so far.

The Magic of PAX East

It's April 5, 2018, first day of PAX East in Boston and we're all excited to hear about what the developers are going to surprise us with. And you know the cosplays will be out of this world! Penny Arcade Expo or PAX was created in 2004 by the creators of the web comic Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. "PAX is a series of gaming conventions held in Seattle, Boston, Melbourne, Philadelphia, and San Antonio."

Now watching the StreamOn Competition, excited to see the energetically awesome Xmiramira compete with other Twitch streamers. StreamOn is a Twitch competion where streamers compete for Twitch sponsorship and accolades of being named the best streamer.

Streamers in two teams must do their best to represent and “sell” the most fictional products through a Twitch extension. Judges will award an advantage to the team that shows the most creativity, professionalism, and savvy.

The competition is all about learning how market, brand and interact as a Twitch streamer. The winner of the April 5th's competition is 

Check out PAX's scheduled events. Or make sure you follow our social media for updates on the hottest news and stunning cosplays coming out of PAX.