Former Overwatch Pro Dellor Has Sexist Meltdown While Streaming Apex Legends

His behavior is nothing new, especially among “pros” but it was kinda hilariously sad.

Matt 'Dellor' Vaughn is under fire for his sexist tirade while playing Apex Legends live on Twitch. When a level two-player took armor Dellor had sat down, he asked for the armor back a few times to no response. Dellor seemed to already be agitated but grew angry with his pleas being repeatedly ignored.

When he cried, “Can I have the armor or I’m going to leave!,” his teammate finally responded with, “Leave, I don’t give a fuck.” Which seems to have pushed Dellor over the edge.

Then Dellor erupted, “Fucking trash, go cook a fucking sandwich, you fucking bitch.” He really said “go COOK a fucking sandwich.”

This isn’t the first time Dellor has come under fire for toxic raging. The former Toronto Overwatch player’s esports career was cut short when he went on a racist rant while streaming on Twitch. His rant lasted for about 30 seconds, repeatedly shouting the N-word. Of course, he apologized, simply saying he “fucked up.”

Here’s the problem with that so-called apology and disingenuous apologies like that of Dellor. If in a moment of anger, your go-to is racial epithets and sexist stereotypes, then you didn’t fucking care. It’s something ingrained in you and THAT is what you need to work on.

Screenshot of Dellor raging

Screenshot of Dellor raging

Part of the reason people get away with racist and sexist tirades as having simply made a mistake is that we have a community that continues to brush it off while telling women and Black gamers to just “suck it up” and “just ignore it.” Unfortunately, this includes the little slaps on the wrist that Twitch gives them.

Now, here Dellor is again, on Twitch in a misogyny-filled rant that people have dubbed Dellor rage. This begs the question, why does Twitch keep giving chances to racists and misogynists? Is profitability more important than fighting the toxicity that plagues the gaming community?

If I had to guess, Twitch will give Dellor a 30-day ban and he’ll be right back to streaming and this will happen again, and again. And thus, the cycle will continue.