#ThrowbackThursday - Resident Evil: Code Veronica


Since 1996, Resident Evil has been the most popular horror series in gaming. Released February 3, 2000, Code: Veronica took place three months after the events of RE2. It was the first of the series to premiere on the next generation consoles of the time: Playstation 2 and Sega Dreamcast. Code: Veronica was developed to be Resident Evil 3 and is still considered Resident Evil 3 by Shinji Mikami and developers.

When gaming writers talk about some of the best games in the horror genre, for some reason, Code Veronica is often forgotten-- and that's a shame. Too many people don't even know it exists! PC Magazine listed all of the Resident Evil games from worst to best and completely left out Code: VeronicaCode: Veronica was one of the best games to come out in 2000 and is among one of the best RE titles. Sony released emulated versions of the PlayStation 2 version Code: Veronica on PlayStation 3 and then another emulated version for the PS4.

Resident Evil-Code: Veronica starts off with Claire Redfield searching for her brother at an Umbrella facility in Paris. She ends up getting captured and is taken to a secret facility off the coast of Antarctica. While there, someone bombs the Umbrella facility, pretty much destroying everything and releasing the T-Virus, causing an outbreak. Claire escapes her prison and runs into another prisoner, the playful and flirty Steve Burnside.

The Resident Evil series was a departure from other horror games a the time, which focused on aliens, zombies or some other form of undead. RE presents complex, evil human beings worse than zombies. Code: Veronica took it a step further with its gothic horror themes. In addition to the supervillain badass, Albert Wesker, Code: Veronica introduced players to the twins, Alfred and Alexia Ashford--though Alfred believes himself to be his twin and dresses as her, talks like her, while she lay cryogenically frozen.

The storytelling in Code: Veronica was superb. NRMGamingHD created a movie, Resident Evil - Code: Veronica using all the cutscenes and it plays like an early 2000s cartoon drama.

What makes Code: Veronica stand out is its hard-as-hell puzzles. It also takes awhile to play (hooray for long games that keep gamers engaged). And, it has the best game ending of all of the RE titles. Hopefully, Sony will release a PC version just as it has done with the other titles in the RE series. It's such a good game that a remastered version would be able to contend with other modern titles.