Overwatch's The Queen of Junkertown Fan Concept by Chamachine is Spot On

Fan-made concept art, Junker Queen makes us want Blizzard to make this happen now!

Poster in Junkertown of the Queen

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is one of the most popular and influential FPS games to date. They’ve created dynamic, interesting, and fun characters with rich back stories that draw you into the game even more.

Chamachine, a talented graphic designer, created a Developer Update introducing The Queen of Junkertown inspired by Overwatch concept art of Junkertown. Chamachine worked with Leslie Van den Broeck to help with rendering. Van den Broeck has created remarkable Heroes of the Storm art. The sheer talent has me in awe!

He shows how he went through to create the concept, taking inspiration from Hammond’s Junkertown skin with the mohawk, Roadhog’s spiked shoulders. Her tee shirt is also a bit reminiscent of Roadhog’s belly. We’ll be following Chamachine to see if he comes up with more Overwatch skins for The Queen.

Too bad this isn’t a real Overwatch developer update. The Queen looks as if she would be a dps hero. The Queen has grenades strapped to her arm and armor made from, what looks to be Zenyatta-like Omnic scraps. She would no doubt be bad ass. While it would be highly likely that she would be a dps class, The Queen of Junkertown could also be an off-tank similar to Roadhog.

Either way, this concept art is a masterpiece, introducing us to an Overwatch hero we didn’t know we needed but now we really need this to happen. What do you think about this concept art?