Do You Recognize These Scenic Places in World of Warcraft?

Do You Recognize These Scenic Places in World of Warcraft?

Regardless of which World of Warcraft expansion is your favorite, there’s no denying that each and every expansion created was full of picturesque scenery. WoW is, hands down, one of the most visually stunning games ever created.

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Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know World of Warcraft Lore?

Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know World of Warcraft Lore?

World of Warcraft is one of those games that just immerses you into a beautiful fantasy world of magic and mayhem.

WoW is not your typical MMORPG. The lore that was created to build the world…of Warcraft is incredibly detailed and vibrant. And almost everyone who plays WoW thinks they know everything about the game. Do you? Test your might!

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Battle for Azeroth to Be Released Mid-August

This is not a drill, Azerothians!

Thursday morning, Blizzard Entertainment announced the release date of the highly anticipated sixth expansion to World of Warcraft. Originally estimated to be released between the end of August and early September 2018, Battle for Azeroth will be released August 14.

Select players are currently alpha testing BFA, working out as many bugs as possible while getting a sneak peak at new and possible races, lands and raids. Pre-purchase of BFA is open through Blizzard's shop

Have you pre-purchased BFA? Testing alpha? Which faction do you pledge your allegiance to? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

Zandalari Troll Paladins and Kul'Tiran Human Druids?

It's definitely looking like it.

Preordering Battle for Azeroth allowed WoW players to unlock four allied races: Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei for the Alliance and The Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren for the Horde. Now, there is another alliance race in Alpha gameplay--Kul'tiran Humans. While we are unsure whether or not Kul'tiran Humans will be the next playable Allied Race, we do have insight into what they look like. Can you say "Human Druids"?

Ge'NeL tried to get some answers from game developer Ion Hazzikostas during their live Q&A on Twitch May 15. While he was unable to get to Ge'NeL's questions, he answered other questions that gave fans and players some possible spoilers.

One of the cool things we may have learned is the very real possibility of Zandalari Troll Paladins--well into BfA, though. In the Alpha, Zandalari Prelate of Rezan are the highest order of troll who wield the light to serve Loa. Until now, players endured an emotional rollercoaster of of being excited about the prospect of Zandalari Troll Paladins because the new NPCs in Throne of Thunder, the Prelate of Rezan. But, upon completing the Zuldazar questline, though, it is revealed that they lose their their connection to Rezan. Then a player asked Hazzikostas this:

question 1.jpg

Hazzikostas' response made it seem like it was definitely possible.

"Once they've come close to harnessing--wielding-- those powers, maybe they could learn to do so again in a more structured way. We will have to see down the line when the Zandalari do become fully available as a playable, allied race. It's not going to be right at the start. That's something a bit further down the that's a part of the first chapter. We're going off to the new world to seek the aid of the Zandalari Trolls and Kul'tiras Humans on our respective factional sides. But getting them to formally join our cause that's kind of more of an end point than a starting point..."

And then there were human druids--maybe? We know that the Zandalari will be playable but not immediately after the release of Battle for Azeroth. That means Kul'tiran Humans will also be introduced at the same time. And if it's possible that Zandalari could become paladins, say, by learning to harness the light with the aid of Lady Liadrin's Blood Knights, then there is a very strong possibility that Kul'trias Humans will, not only be playable, but be druids.

Polygon gives us a peek at some of the human forms.


Wowhead also gives us a look at possible druid forms. 


The Kul'tiras, the home of Jaina Proudmoore, is one of the areas Alliance players will quest to level in an attempt to woo them to join the Alliance. The Kul'tiran will be the quest givers, obviously. Included are nature quests--druidic. There are also many "wicker" creatures in the zone. Whether or not these "wicker" druids will be playable is unknown just yet. But the datamined pics make it feel like it's oh so real!

Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Wowhead

Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Wowhead


There are also many "wicker" creatures in the zone. Reddit user Caaethil created a graphic detailing how a Kul'tiran druids could possibly work.


Speculative, though this may be, it does not mean that it is impossible. Do you think there is something to these speculations? Which would you like to level first IF these speculations turn out to be true?

When Raid Lives and Real Life Intersect

The relationships you develop when you play any online game can leave an indelible mark on your life. Often, these wonderful moments and memories are attributed to such random names as Sundown, Viszerban, Boot, Sarutobi, Narutotwo, etc. Because, honestly, how often did you find out their real names?!

Twelve years later, I still remember with fondness Sharina’s /huggles; that my mage Kochanski, who was named after Lister’s love interest in Red Dwarf, was very similar to the Polish words for “I love you” thanks to Merlina, my warlock friend of Polish descent living in Canada; that Tiggy /bites and would often demand sandwiches once he found out I was a woman; that Coolcat lived freakishly close to us, yet we never got together; and that Alenassin worked in coal mines in Virginia.

Seltaeb and Quill questing long before Fusion.

Seltaeb and Quill questing long before Fusion.

I remember drunken shenanigans with several guildies in Massachusetts one night during the Burning Crusade days. For the life of me I cannot tell any of their real names, but I can tell you that my husband and I had a lot of fun partying with Alterya, Watz, Steelfury, Tuon, Hegram and one or two others that night. And Watz? She could cook one seriously badass skirt steak and that bacon corn dish she made? I’m still trying to recreate it to this day.

Yet, of all these experiences nothing has, or will ever, hold a candle to traveling across the ocean and receiving a guided tour of my personal Mecca from our guild leaders. On our honeymoon.

Yes. We met our WoW guild leaders and they gave us a tour of their hometown and my musical holy grail - Liverpool, England. My Macca Mecca, if you will.

Life doesn’t often get more random than that. Then again, isn’t that the beauty of the relationships we develop through our online avatars? Fleeting, and if you’re lucky, enduring relationships that change us (hopefully) for the better. Even the brief moments where we allow someone to touch our lives via a game without ever meeting in-person change us: the late night chats where you get a glimpse into someone else’s life halfway around the world or when you’re having a woeful stretch IRL and someone online provides the words of comfort you didn’t realize you needed.

And when you’re at your luckiest, you get to travel around the world and connect in-person.

It was 2006 and we’d been playing faithfully on the Dalaran (US) server since a few months after release. We were members of The Windriders, the top guild on the server through C’Thun. It was enjoyable being in the upper echelons, but as time went on, we suffered raid burn-out and discovered that we also enjoyed the slower track. It was a fun challenge of going through the raid instances with a brand new guild. Seeing Molten Core with new eyes.

Some old school Fusion fun. Heading to the Quartermaster.

Some old school Fusion fun. Heading to the Quartermaster.

It started with us occasionally joining MC raids on alts, but ultimately we became members of Fusion - a guild led by married couple Peculiar and Alyssandra (Pec and Aly). We got along well with them and since I wear my musical passions on my sleeve, or in this case, my hunter - Seltaeb, they knew my love for The Beatles early on and we discussed their hometown often.

Along with a healthy dose of daily WoW and work, we were in the process of planning our wedding and our honeymoon. We knew from the start we’d honeymoon in London - it was a city that held great meaning to both of us individually that we wanted to share together. And, since he is a saint when it comes to humoring my musical obsessions - the trip would involve a side trip to Liverpool so I could see the place that birthed The Beatles. It was definitely an added bonus we’d be able to meet Pec and Aly! As the trip neared, we began to solidify our plans with them.

We would take the train early one morning, meet up with them, spend the day sightseeing and then take a late train back to London. Of course, travels never work out quite as planned and the train schedule flipped from Summer to Fall a few days before our trip - which left us with far fewer options. After FINALLY finding a car rental shop that had an available car - we were on the M1, several hours later than planned.

Checking out THE Penny Lane with Pec and Aly.

Checking out THE Penny Lane with Pec and Aly.

Our day trip was turned into a two-day trip and saw us arriving in Liverpool and at Pec and Aly’s doorstep in the evening. There was something surreal about pulling into their driveway that night, ringing the doorbell, coming into their home and seeing them raiding with all our guildmates, the majority of whom were back in the states. We hung out for a bit, but didn’t want to disrupt the raid too much.

We made our plans to meet up in the morning and headed into town to find a hotel and start taking in the sights. As it turns out, when in England, you need to take football matches into consideration when traveling. There was a Liverpool-Manchester match in town that night and hotels were booked up solid. Between drinks at the Cavern Club and The Grapes (another known Beatles hangout), we went from hotel to hotel in ascending price point looking for a room. Finally, when we thought we’d hit the last hotel in the city, the concierge tipped us off to a brand spanking new boutique hotel back downtown. He called down for us and got us the literal last hotel room in the city around 1 a.m. It was a gorgeous hotel and ended up being cheaper than the room we had back in London. We lucked out completely!

THE Strawberry Fields! My mind is blown in this picture. (That's why the photo is so damn fuzzy.)

THE Strawberry Fields! My mind is blown in this picture. (That's why the photo is so damn fuzzy.)

The next morning we met up with Pec and Aly (AKA Adam and Louise) at PanAm, a restaurant on the Albert Dock alongside the River Mersey. We ate lunch, chatted guild and game and then hopped into our cars. They drove us around to all the sights: Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, St. Peter’s Church where John met Paul. All these magical sites that I’d spend my life dreaming of that were part of their everyday world. Sites made all the more special because we had friends showing them to us.

All too soon, it was time for us to hop back in the car and head back to London. We said our goodbyes and “See ya in game”s and headed out.

As time went on, we all took breaks from the game and sadly lost track of each other. Yet, they are still in our hearts for sharing that special day with us.




So, Alyssandra and Peculiar of Fusion on the Dalaran server circa vanilla WoW (AKA Lou and Adam of Liverpool, England), Seltaeb and Quill thank you for your hospitality, your friendship and one amazing addendum to our honeymoon!

Have you ever had an in-person experience with an online guildmate? We’d love to hear your story!