The Best Addons for World of Warcraft Classic

We’re excited that World of Warcraft Classic is finally here.

Sure, being mercilessly attacked by a mob of Murlocs while trying to get to your quest item isn’t fun, but it is part of the nostalgia that made many of us Vanilla WoW players reminisce about the “good ol’ days.” But alas, many of us are spoiled and need help. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little help and the geniuses behind some of the most popular WoW addons know this. Thank goodness for sites like Will It Classic keeping an eye on the WoW addons that will be available to Classic WoW.

For those who need help deciphering which addons could best serve their needs in Classic WoW, we’ve put together a guide to the best addons for World of Warcraft Classic.

Most of these addons can be found on Twitch’s Curse Addons integration. For addons outside of Twitch, we’ll link directly to that addon. You will also be able to find many addons on WoW Interface.

How to Install Addons for WoW Classic

When downloading an addon from Curse, WoW Interface, or TukUI, make sure you are extract the files into the right WoW folder.

Installing Addons from the Twitch Desktop App

If you haven’t already, download the Twitch Desktop app.

Twitch addons .png

The Best WoW Classic Addons

For a clean-looking UI for WoW Classic:

ElvUI - Very clean, user-friendly, highly customizable unit frames, including raid frames, and map coordinates.


ElvUI customization

ElvUI AFK screensaver

TukUI - Another clean, user-friendly, and lightweight UI brought to you buy the team over at TukUI


The Best Addons for Questing and Leveling

While these addons are definitely not the Quest Helper we knew and loved back then, they are very helpful.

!Questie - While still under development, !Questie is a useful questing tool that adds quest objectives to your map, shows you which quests are available to pick up.

Azeroth Auto Pilot Classic - Great for speed leveling. It skips cut scenes, adds an arrow to direct you to your target.

Azeroth Auto Pilot addon - Right Way = Green Arrow

Azeroth Auto Pilot addon - Wrong Way = Red Arrow

Mapster - Functional addon that reduces the size of the map, makes it movable, and removes the Fog of War to. It also enable map coordinates.

Mapster Addon for Classic WoW
Mapster Addon for Classic WoW

Best Addons for Functionality and Convenience

Bagnon - Let’s you search for items in your bags and view items on any of your characters.

AtlasLoot Classic - Shows which loot you get from bosses in dungeons, raids and world bosses. It provides info on materials, created items, shows gear sets, and more.

Auctioneer - A popular aid for buying and selling on the auction house.

Prat - Probably the best chat addon around. Has timestamps, change chat history, allows for URL copying and so much more!

Best Addons for Combat

Details! Damage Meter Classic WoW - An excellent and comprehensive damage and healing meter.

WeakAuras 2 - WeakAuras is an addon that whose customization helps indicate buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information. It’s not for beginners, tbh. It takes a bit of practice and playing around with. But Wago is one of the best resources for learning about WeakAuras as well as finding specific class templates.

WeakAuras 2 for Holy Priest, submitted to Wago by Ouzio.

Clique [Classic] - A powerful, yet simple addon that allows you to create custom mouseover keybindings for your spells and abilities. Works great with the World of Warcraft’s standard raid and party UI, Elvui, Grid 2 for Classic, and more.

Deadly Boss Mods - DBM is a must-have addon for raiding and dungeoning. It’s a handy tool that alerts players to boss and mob abilities, and much more. Its equally popular alternative is BigWigs. It boils down to preference here. Having one or the other is a requirement for end-game raiding.

For class specific addons, we recommend visiting WowHead.

We will do our best to keep this updated with the latest addons that provide the best quality of life to all adventurers on Azeroth. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments and we’ll make the necessary adjustments.