Overwatch Patch Released New Map: Rialto

Blizzard released a new playable map, Rialto, from April's event, Overwatch Archives: Retribution.

Rialto is an escort map that takes place at the Rialto in Venice, Italy. Released with the May 3rd patch, "Rialto was home to Talon agent Antonio Bartalotti’s sprawling estate and the backdrop to the infamous 'Venice Incident,' which has recently been declassified."

From Gamespot

The Rialto is beautiful. And unlike other maps, Rialto is quite expansive and wide open. Widowmaker and Hanzo will have a field day with all of the balconies, rooms and alcoves to hide in. 

Other highlights from the patch:

• Tracer’s Pulse Bomb damage was decreased from 400 to 300.
• Hanzo gets two new abilities, sort of—Lunge and Storm Arrows, which replaces Scatter Arrow. He can also now rapidly fire up to 6 arrows that deal reduced damage but are always fired at full power.
• Genji’s hitbox was reduce.
• Brigette’s Shield Bash’s cone area was reduced from 90 to 60.
• Junkrat’s Frag Launcher’s projectile size was decreased from 0.3 to 0.2. RIP-Tire movement speed decreased from 13 to 12.
• Lúcio’s Wall Ride will be less likely to be interrupted along a single surface. He can go around corners without having to leave the wall. Lúcio can land back on the same wall after leaping away. And Wall ride can now be used while reloading.
— PlayOverwatch

You can go to playoverwatch.com for more patch details.

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