Funcom Updates, Adds New Content to Secret World Legends

On April 4, Funcom released the first new content to its unique MMO, Secret World Legends, since retooling and relaunching the game last year.

Dawn of the Morninglight brings players to South Africa to infiltrate the Morninglight stronghold and continue the quest for Morninglight’s leader, Philip Marquard. With the new content and new location, players will be introduced to new stories and monsters inspired by real-life South African folklore. Additionally, the content will reintroduce players to old favorites, introduce new characters, and provide the in-depth and fully voice-acted missions and cutscenes the game has come to be known for. 

Initially launched in 2012 as subscription-based The Secret World, the MMO is set in a modern world under attack by occult forces. As they develop their powers, players get to choose to work for one of three world-controlling secret societies: the Illuminati, Dragon or Templar (based in NYC, Seoul and London, respectively). 

The settings are unique and extremely well fleshed out with impressive detail, as are the quests. While you’re fighting Lovecraftian nasties in New England, you can’t help but feel completely immersed in the world (and maybe even find yourself craving a nice lobster roll to enjoy... while fighting Draug and solving serial murders and mysteries from years gone by).  

Source:  Secret World of Legends  via Wikia

Source: Secret World of Legends via Wikia

Despite the high praise on its initial release, its investigative missions and lore, The Secret World saw declining populations over the years. Funcom used this opportunity to reinvent the game last summer as Secret World Legends, a free-to-play format. They made changes to the game, improving on some of its initial shortcomings (vertical leveling vs. a now-level based scale) and breathed a new life into a world that is well worth exploring.

If you’re looking for an enthralling horror/supernatural MMO, check out Secret World of Legends.

Norwegian video game developer, Funcom Oslo AS, is home to Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, the Longest Journey series. Their newest title, Conan Exiles, will be released May 8, 2018.