Updated Crash Course to Playing World of Warcraft

Whether you're new to World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth or are returning for World of Warcraft Classic after a long hiatus, this crash course will help you survive.

There are dozens of forums, websites and Youtube videos dedicated to World of Warcraft. And yet, most of them don't answer some very simple questions. Oftentimes, you're forced to sift through tons of data not relevant to what you're looking for, having to listen to someone explain something horribly. And don't get me started on the craptacularly (that's my word), hideous music in the background. Here's where Ge'NeL comes to the rescue! We've created this WoW guide to answer recurring questions asked in the Women of Warcraft Facebook group and all across the internet world....of Warcraft.


First things first, you have to decide which type of realm is best for you: player versus player (pvp), player versus environment or role playing versus player.

  • PvP is exactly how it sounds. It's faction player against opposing faction player in addition to NPCs. Outside of major cities, the potential to be killed by another player is pretty high. Some people even find joy in terrorizing low level areas. While it may be annoying, it comes with the territory.

  • PvE realms are relegated to environmental gameplay. While pvp is still an option on pve realms, it requires being in a battleground or arena or turning pvp settings on.

  • RPvP is a bit different. It's role-playing! You interact with other players as if you are an NPC or you can create a background for your character. Almost anything goes, including ERP (erotic role-playing). If that's what you're into (not gonna knock it--you do you, boo-boo) then you can get started in Goldshire.

Which faction is better? Horde or Alliance?

Before someone attempts to fill your head with nonsense, let's get this out of the way first. One faction is not better than the other. They banded together for different reasons. That being said, different races have special abilities based on their race. You can click on the particular race then the "More Info" button below the races to see which abilities they have.

After you've decided which faction, race and class you want to play.


Some people are content to play WoW alone. And that's okay. Some people enjoy solitude and want to play at their own pace. WoW, in itself, is a very social game where many objectives require playing with others. It really does help to have a friend or two to quest with. But making friends in Azeroth isn't always easy.

  • Join a guild. Joining a guild is the fastest way to meet new people. Talk in guild chat and gauge how people communicate with each other. Do not assume everyone's humor is the same as yours. Not everyone fancies dark humor. Needless to say, your first interaction with someone shouldn't be "Sup bitch" or anything of the like that shouldn't be the first thing you say to someone. Also, remember that a lot gets lost in translation via text communications. So be mindful of how you communicate with others and also how they communicate with you.

  • Create your own guild. By creating your own guild you can create the type of environment that you want to be a part of. Invite people you've interacted with who you feel would fit into the virtual home you've created.

  • Enter random dungeons and battlegrounds. Not only is doing dungeons and BGs a good way to learn to play your class better, but also a pretty decent way of meeting other players. And if you're good, it's likely people will give you kudos and want to play with you again.

  • Don't beg for gold. If there's one thing worse than gold sellers spamming trade chat, it's gold beggars. They are annoying. We know that newcomers need gold. But it's frustrating that people put a lot of time and effort into their characters to make gold, save up for repairs, etc. just for someone to come in and start off with "Hi. Can I have a few gold to guy a piece of gear from the Auction House?" No, bruh. I feel for you, but you have to make it the way most of us did. This guide will show you how to do that, too!


Azeroth has enough bad apples to go around. There will always be abominable twats who think that hiding behind a computer screen gives them a free pass to treat others like total crap, waste people's time, pick on others because of their playstyle, etc. This guide is to help you to not be one of those guys or gals. Here are a few do's and don'ts to help make Azeroth a better world--of warcraft.

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're new or it's been a while, speak up. "Hey guys! This is my first time here. Anything I should know about this boss?" People generally appreciate when someone can ask for help.

  • Be open to constructive criticism. It's not easy being told or made to feel as if you suck. Some people seriously do not have tact when talking to others. That's still no reason for anyone to treat you or anyone else like crap. But do try to be open to advice from those who do try to help you by sharing a few pointers or tips.

  • Don't need on every item that drops. In addition to your race-based special abilities, the character creation page also tells you which type of armor your class wears. For example: You're a druid in a dungeon with five other blokes. A piece of cloth drops. The priest wears cloth. You need on the item because you might be able to wear it. Don't do that! Druid's primary armor is leather. Priest's primary armor is cloth. Be courteous and ask if they need it before hitting need. Another example: You're a big, strong warrior in a dungeon. An intellect trinket drops. You hit need. WRONG! Warrior's primary stat is strength. Warriors do not need intellect for anything whatsoever.

  • Do try to have patience for other players. Healers need mana. Tanks sometimes like to wait on their cooldowns or certain abilities before pulling. Someone's kid may decide to play Whack-A-Mole with mommy or daddy's keyboard. Someone's cat may decide that their keyboard is now their bed. Stuff happens. Life happens. Be patient. It will be okay. I promise.


Being new to WoW or making a new toon on a new server and not having enough money to repair your gear, buy gear or buy supplies really sucks. Wowhead has an excellent Gold Making Guide. There are so many ways to make gold. Here are a few ways to ensure you stack your paper (gold) quickly.

  • Loot everything. Yes, loot everything, even the grey items. Vendor them. The copper and silver add up.

  • Sell green (common) armor on the AH. It doesn't matter how low the item level of the gear is, it will likely sell on the auction house. Dirtydianna and Thickyvicky have found some amazing, low level green items for transmogs.

  • Choose a gathering profession. Leather, ore and herbs always sell on the auction house. Always.

  • Collect cloth. Cloth is yet another big seller on the auction house. Especially low-level cloth. In Retail WoW, Netherweave cloth continues to be the biggest seller on the AH, probably because Netherweave bags are easy to make and they sell very well, especially to low level players looking for more than the 4, 6 and 8 slot bags that they get while questing.

WARNING: purchasing gold from third-party sites is against Blizzard’s Terms of Service and, when they do shutdown the company selling gold, if your account is among their list of clients, your account will be permanently banned. Do not fall prey to the little level 1 characters offering to sell you World of Warcraft gold for cheap.

NOTE: As it stands, you cannot sell a WoW token on the Classic Auction House.


Addons are not for everyone. Some people prefer to play with just the game UI and that is perfectly okay. But some of us use addons to enhance game play and in-game experiences. Here are a few basic addons, if you are interested, that may help you navigate your way through Azeroth.

First, download the Twitch Desktop App. It's all encompassing since they partnered with Curse to include addons. On the Twitch app, click Mods to take you where you want to go. Then select World of Warcraft to take you to addons for WoW. Clicking on the name of an addon will give you detailed information about what that addon does.

  • HandyNotes for questing is amazing!

  • BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods for when you decide to venture into dungeons and raids.

  • Decursive is particularly helpful in dungeons, raids and battlegrounds. It's a mouseover addon that allows you to quickly removes harmful magic, poisons and diseases from your party or raid members if your class has the ability to remove them.

  • Details! Damage Meter, Recount or Skada damage meters. These are very handy to help keep track of damage, healing, absorbs, deaths and other actions. Details not only displays the damage and healing stats from your party or raid, but also functions as a way to help you improve your game play. For example, as a healer, both you and another player have the same specialization, similar gear and item level, but he/she is putting out more HPS than you. A number of things could factor into why your heals are lower. With Details, you can mouseover that person's name and it will show you what their top heals are. The same with damage.

Was this guide helpful? Comment here, on our Ge'NeL fanpage or by tweeting us at @genelmag! And don't forget to share!

Revisiting the History of World of Warcraft For Beginners


With the World of Warcraft Classic release, many new adventurers to Azeroth are becoming interested in WoW lore. While it’s true you don't have to know the Warcraft history in order to appreciate the magnitude of World of Warcraft, learning about the history and lore can really add to the experience and immersion into the Warcraft universe. Azeroth's history is exciting and fun and full of mystery. Azeroth's history can be found everywhere. In addition to the Warcraft games, novels and shorts, "World of Warcraft" itself offers so many nuggets of lore within the storylines as well as books found throughout the game. From the book "Mythology of the Titans", found in Scarlet Monastery, to taking the fight to the Legion on Argus in the World of Warcraft Legion expansion, here's part 1 of the breakdown of the expansive history of the Warcraft universe.


Well, the Titans didn't exactly create the universe. We still don't know how the universe came to be. But the Titans, led by a council called the Pantheon, regulated the universe, the worlds and the beings that inhabited them. But from the Twisting Nether came dark magic--shadow magic and beings who sought to either destroy or control everything, the Eredar warlocks, enslaving countless worlds. The in-game book "Sargeras and the Betrayal" explains the rise and fall of the titans' greatest warrior, Sargeras. Sargeras was appointed to defend and protect the worlds from the spreading evil. And though Sargeras defeated the Eredar, he fell into depression, making him susceptible to corruption by his next foe, the Natherim or dreadlords. Sargeras, unable to shake the corruption and the depression joined the Natherim's Burning Legion. Sargeras acted as a sort of double agent, undermining all of the progress that the titans made as they went from world to world shaping and organizing.

Disclaimer: "Sargeras and the Betrayal" is the original tale of Sargeras' downfall. His lore was rewritten for Legion.

World of Warcraft  fan art of the 5 original dragon aspects. By artist Keisinger037

World of Warcraft fan art of the 5 original dragon aspects. By artist Keisinger037


The titans made their way to a new world and called it Azeroth. But there, they discovered the inhabitants worshipped powerful, elemental beings referred to as The Old Gods. And so, the Pantheon waged war on The Old Gods. The Old Gods' armies were led by Therazane of earth, Al'akir of wind, Ragnaros of fire and Neptulon of water. Though the elemental lieutenants were powerful, they were not powerful enough to defeat the Pantheon's armies and were imprisoned far beneath the earth. After they felt their work was done with the ordering of Azeroth, they charged the dragon aspects, Alexstraza, Ysera, Nozdormu, Malygos and Neltharion to watch over their prized accomplishment, Kalimdor.

On this new world was a mysterious lake of great power, the Well of Eternity. The quel'dorei or Night Elves believed that the moon goddess, Elune, slumbered in The Well during sunlight. So the priests studied the well. Their quest of knowledge allowed them to create civilizations across the whole of Kalimdor. Queen Azshara built a civilization on the coast. She and her loyal subjects were also fascinated with the magical properties of The Well and began experimentation. They discovered their powers grew and soon could create or destroy life as they saw fit. It wasn't long before Sargeras felt the power of the Well and the practicing highborne from worlds away. Malfurion Stormrage, a powerful student of druidism suspected there was something corrupting Queen Azshara and her highborne elves. And so Sargeras convinced Queen Azshara to create open a portal at the Well of Eternity, prompting the first invasion of The Burning Legion. With the help of the dragon aspects, the Burning Legion was defeated, but not before Neltharion went mad and turned on his fellow aspects, renaming himself Deathwing. The Well of Eternity was destroyed and the highborne were exiled.



After surviving the War of the Ancients and being exiled, the highborne, led by Dath'Remar sailed the turbulent waters of The Great Sea. Finally, they landed on the beaches of northern Lordaeron. They trekked inland, settling in Tirisfal Glades. However, there was something quite evil beneath the earth and many of the highborne went mad. They continued northward, encountered new creatures and beings and tribes of primitive humans--the Zul'Aman trolls--and finally they found a place that they could call home. They founded Quel'thalas and made Silvermoon City their capitol. They defeated the invading trolls and lived in peace for over 4,000. And then, having regrouped in the shadows, the trolls attacked, nearly destroying Quel'thalas.

The humans warred with each other constantly until one tribe, the Arathi tribe led by Thoradin, sought to unite the tribes. After defeating rival tribes, the Arathi would offer peace to those he conquered, gaining their respect and loyalty. With all human tribes united for the first time, they built Strom, becoming the first human empire led by King Thoradin. Envoys from Quel'thalas ventured to Strom to plead for help. The elves decided to some of the secrets of their magic with 100 select humans. Together, the elves and humans laid waste to the troll armies. Quel'thalas pledged their friendship and loyalty to Arathor and its bloodline.

The Well of Eternity

The Well of Eternity


The select 100 who learned the ways of the elves passed their knowledge down to a newer, naive generation. The humans began to spread out and built a second city called Dalaran just to the north of Strom. The new magi, feeling constricted, moved to Dalaran hoping to practice magic freely. They built up Dalaran, but their frivolity lured the Burning Legion back to Azeroth. Luckily, they did not come in armies, but launched small scale attacks. Still, they proved too powerful for the novice mages. The Dalaran mages sought help from the Quel'thalas.

The elves told them of the history of the Burning Legion and the dangers of practicing magic. The elves and human magi of Dalaran made a pact: they would entrust the magic of all with one responsible mage. The elves stressed the importance of keeping magic and the Burning Legion a secret, as to not spread fear, pandemonium and more recklessness. Thus, they created a secret council, The Guardians of Tirisfal. As more humans practiced magic throughout the lands, the Guardians' job was to monitor and assess to which degree of power was used. The Guardians of Tirisfal became known as the Kirin Tor or Mage Senate.

In addition to the many books, short stories, and comics about World of Warcraft lore, you can find lots of juicy little tidbits of history in various books, scrolls, letters, NPC interaction in-game.

It’s Time For Blizzard Entertainment to Leave Activision

It’s Time For Blizzard Entertainment to Leave Activision

Activision Blizzard had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2018 despite reporting record profits. Sadly, 2019 is not shaping up to be better. Almost every move Activision Blizzard made in 2018 was a misstep. To sum up the damage:

  • BlizzCon 2018, reveals a beloved franchise, Diablo is going mobile with Diablo: Immortal, causing outrage and a petition signed by 45,000 to cancel the project

  • August 2018, released latest World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, widely held as a step backwards from Legion.

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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth is All About Girl Power

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth is All About Girl Power

Regardless of which Warbringers' episode was your favorite, there's one thing that's certain: Battle for Azeroth is about powerful women.

World of Warcraft's in-game lore has focused primarily on Azeroth's kings and male leaders with female protagonists being side quests and intermissions. But Legion began focusing more on its female leaders. From the Loa telling Warchief Vol'jin to choose Sylvanas "The Banshee Queen" Windrunner as his predecessor to her sister Alleria Windrunner harnessing The Void, Legion set the stage for Azeroth's female leaders to be at the forefront.

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#WorldofWarcraft Are You Ready for Battle for Azeroth Release Day on August 14, 2018?

Guides? CHECK! Snacks? CHECK!

Tensions between Horde and Alliance have intensified since both factions worked together and effectively destroyed The Legion in Antoras. We can argue all day and night about whether or not Sylvanas was justified in her burning down of Teldrassil (*cough she was cough*). With the Battle for Azeroth expansion quickly approaching, there are more important matters to discuss: the best guides for your class and dungeons, what are you going to snack and how many days off from work are you going to take for the expansion release.

Casual or hardcore, there's little excuse for not knowing how to play your class. We all have lives outside of Azeroth and the WoW community knows it. That's why there are so many guides available to help you be the best you can be at playing your class.

There are several places to go for guidance. Icy Veins and WoWhead are classic go-to guide sites for class specialization, talents, gear and best in slot items (BiS).  And my favorite place to go to for all things priest is Warcraft Priests. The website formerly known as HowToPriest is now Warcraft Priests. They've been the best place to go for guides, getting started and macros for playing all three specializations: Holy, Discipline and Shadow. Warcraft Priests' Discord is very active, friendly and helpful.

For raid and dungeon fights, go to Fatboss TV to watch and study boss fights. Don't forget to check out the commentary from some amazing WoW players via their Twitch channels as well. For example, Midnah is arguably one of the best druid healers around. She's a small time streamer but incredibly knowledgeable about Restoration Druids.

Like most WoW players eagerly anticipating Battle for Azeroth, you'll likely be sitting for hours at a time leveling. You're looking over your guides and you're ready to jump into action. You're gonna need sustenance. By sustenance, we mean food--keyboard-safe snacks like:

  • Nuts, if you're not allergic to them.

  • Fruit. Bananas, berries, already chopped melon and pineapple, sliced apples

  • Celery with your favorite dip.

  • Dry cereal. Frosted Flakes and Captain Crunch Crunch Berries or whatever you prefer.

  • Popcorn.

WoW isn't one of those games you can just pause. You have to get to a safe spot before going AFK. Sometimes, that can take a while, especially if you've already been going at questing and running dungeons or raiding for hours already. Don't forget to stretch, walk around for a few minutes. Hell, if you're worried about your weight, do 10 squats every hour or 10 push-up or 10 crunches. Set an alarm or timer to remind you that you need to get up and get your blood circulating.

Share with us how you get ready for WoW expansions.


Know Your Warcraft Lore (Possible Spoilers)

Cover Photography by Arwen
Cosplay: Sylvanas Windrunner: Narga-Lifestream | Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Ver1sa

Do you know your lore? You can get started here!

With Battle for Azeroth just around the corner, Warcraft addicts new and old, are becoming more and more intrigued about how Horde and Alliance came to be such fierce enemies. Blizzard Entertainment began releasing Warbringer videos, creating excitement, wonderment and faction loyalty. 

Jaina Proudmoore's haunting song sent chills down the spines of virtually Azerothian. Warchief Sylvanas's Warbringer only confirmed most people's suspicions, but it also offered possible insight into Sylvanas' motives as well as a certain scene that takes place during the battle between herself and newly crowned King Anduin.

Many players are rightfully still pissed off that Sylvanas was chosen to take Vol'jin's place as Warchief of the Horde. But there has to be a reason that the Loa revealed to Vol'jin that Sylvanas was to be his successor. We know from Sylvanas's Warbringer episode that life and hope have become her enemy. Perhaps she sees life as a weakness, hope is useless. But in the Battle for Azeroth trailer, we see something a little different--we see Sylvanas BECOMING the hope of the Horde. She's watched the people she was supposed to protect die once before when The Lich King came with his undead Scourge. 

Sylvanas sees that death and loss of hope, again, in the people she's supposed to be leading. We know that one of Sylvanas' plans was to create an undead army of her own. And maybe leading her soldiers to their deaths was, somehow a part of that. That would certainly contribute to the distrust that other Horde leaders and fans of Warcraft lore have toward her. But perhaps, during this battle, she realizes that her hatred for the living was turning her into The Lich King. Maybe some of our answers are forged in the lore already and we just have to find it. 

So, if you want to catch up on the lore, or want to begin reading the lore, Ge'NeL has created an index page of Warcraft books, in order, to help you get started.

Finally! New Info About Blizzard's Classic WoW Development

"Wanna know how you can tell someone played during Vanilla? Don't worry, they'll tell you." Yes, we will tell you! 

After careful consideration, we have decided on Patch 1.12: Drums of War as our foundation because it represents the most complete version of the classic experience.
— Blizzard Developers

Blizzard developers have finally given us a little bit of info on what to expect with WoW: Classic. Classic will be centered on Drums of War, Patch 1.12.0 for a complete a "vanilla" experience. Drums of War was originally patched in August 2006 and was the last major patch before the release of The Burning Crusade expansion.

Drums of War was basically a PvP patch. It introduced Cross-Realm battlegrounds or Battlegroups. This was Blizzard's answer to players having to wait literal hours to get into a battleground because battlegrounds, once upon a time, were relegated to players from the same realm. Although the wait was shortened due to having new players to play with, this was a sad day for me because cross-realms effectively ruined inter-realm, PvP guild rivalries (wanna know how you can tell someone played during vanilla...I told you we'd tell you). Patch 1.12 also introduced World PvP, turning Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands into PvP zones where players would battle to control the land for their respective faction. For those of us who were born and raised on PvE realms, this was pretty exciting and gave us a bit of a taste of PvP-realm life.

Blizzard developers settled on Drums because it was the last patch before Vanilla became TBC. In my personal opinion, Blizzard should use June 2006's Patch 1.11.0: Shadow of the Necropolis as its base. Shadow of the Necropolis was the last time Classic felt like the classic WoW that so many Vanilla players reminisce about. Patch 1.11.0 introduced the last 40-man instance raid, Naxxaramas, the floating necropolis above Eastern Plagueland's Stratholme.

But the developers do have their hands full with this project. They're on a journey to "recreate an authentic classic experience with modern engineering" to deliver to players a beautiful classic experience

Our initial runs exposed a few (expected) issues: the game sometimes crashed, didn’t recognize our modern video cards, and was incompatible with our current login system. That first pass also couldn’t support any of our modern security and anti-cheating capabilities.
— Blizzard Developers

We're confident Blizzard devs will give us fans another glorious WoW experience. But for now, this is all we know. Do you think Patch 1.12.0 is the best starting point to deliver a Classic WoW experience? Will you be playing when it's finally released? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.


Top 10 MMO Games Like World of Warcraft, Ranked Good to Best

Launched November 23, 2004, World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games in the world without question. After five expansion packs and another expansion being introduced in September 2018, WoW is the most story-rich, most popular MMORPG of 2018, with over 5 million paid subscribers to date. And as the WoW saying goes, once you go warcrack (as WoW is affectionately called because of its addicting content), you never go back. However, if you don’t want to pay for the monthly subscription fee, here are 10 games that are just as good, if not better than WoW


10. Tera

Source: Enmasse

Bluehole Studio Inc, the creators of another the insanely popular Player Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG, first gave the world Tera, a beautifully-made, free-to-play, MMORPG. Tera is a war-torn world, much like WoW’s Azeroth. The premise of Tera is that two titans, Arun and Sharah fled a destructive war. They combined their powers to create a new world. They somehow fell asleep and began to dream. While dreaming, their creation continued to shape around them, with their bodies becoming the land of the two continents of the world they created. the tears from their dreams becoming the seas.

Tera has over 80 aesthetically gorgeous zones that, when played, make you feel as if you’re in a fairytale. Tera has 12 playable classes and 7 races. Tera is open world, aside from dungeons. And the player versus player is among the best in the MMO world.


9. Blade & Soul

Source GamingSnack.com

Blade and Soul is a visually stunning Korean fantasy MMO with a martial arts combat fighting style.  Like WoW, B&S has two playable factions: Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion (blue and red). The factions, however aren’t warring the way WoW’s Horde and Alliance are. The Cerulean Order and the Crimson Legion fight along side each other to vanquish evil. However, their differences arise from their disagreement with the other faction’s methods.

B&S has four races and eight classes to choose from. Once you choose your class, you will be asked to choose your faction. Players get to explore an open-world environment through completing quests. What sets B&S apart is its combo, martial arts style (think World of Warcraft meets Street Fighter).


8. Conan Exiles

Source: Gaming Skinny

Conan Exiles is an open world survival game inspired by Conan the Barbarian and the environment he lived in. The premise is that the player is a convicted criminal just before the last Ice Age. The player is freed by Conan must now survive his exile. 

Conan Exiles gives players 15 races, which are merely a cosmetic choice and have no effect on skills or experience. Players must survive harsh environmental conditions as well as enemy players. Players can build settlements and strongholds to fend off enemy invasions. Speaking of PvP, one thing that is cool about Conan’s PvP is the ability to sacrifice enemy players to the gods. Sacrificing an enemy on the alter can shift the luck of war in your favor. 


7. Dungeon Fighter Online

Source: IGN Southeast Asia

Dungeon Fighter Online is a hack’em and slash’em fighting game. The game play is very different from World of Warcraft in that there are only 8 possible ways a player can move their avatar. DFO is a 2D game released in Korea in 2005 as Dungeon and Fighter and in the U.S. in 2010 as DFO

The premise is simple. Players are in a land called Arad which is inhabited by demons and monsters. Gameplay takes place inside of dungeons. Even though it’s a 2D game, the social aspects of DFO are like WoW in that players can enjoy dungeons and PvP as well as join guilds. DFO gives players a choice of 7 classes with over 25 subclasses. 


6. Elder Scrolls Online

Source: XBOX Newswire

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online is a classic among giants. Elder Scrolls is a buy-to-play, MMO. Like Tera and World of Warcraft, ESO is a high fantasy game, drawing on various cultures from around the world. ESO takes place on the continent of Tamriel, where players can choose between three factions. The storyline is basically a spinoff of the Elder Scroll series and takes place about 1000 years before the events of Skyrim.

Unlike WoW and other MMOs, players’ abilities are not on a cooldown timer. If you have the energy, you can perform a specific ability as many times as you want. This is especially appealing being that ESO is heavily PvP-based.


5. ArcheAge

Source: Massively Overpowered

Another free-to-play epic fantasy MMORPG that is pure eye candy is ArcheAge. With ArcheAge, you can choose one of 2 factions and choose from 120 unique class combinations. ,ArcheAge is a zoneless, PvP wonderland, allowing for massive open-world battles between faction armies on both land and sea. What’s better than an MMO where you can battle at sea? An MMO that allows you to abandon your faction and become a pirate.

Players can also fight others within their faction if they flag themselves “Bloodlust”. Players  also master over 20 crafting skills, build houses and manors in the open world, farm, trade, forge alliances. Although the game is free-to-play, for perks of Patronage, players can subscribe for $15 per month. Patronage allows players to buy land, farm their own land and place items on the auction house.You can be a conqueror and build an empire that spans continents.


4. Guild Wars 2

Source: Polygon via AreaNet

Guild Wars 2 is a different type of MMO. The world is persistent. Meaning, the world is ever growing, ever changing, even when players aren’t around. This gives the game a beautiful, real time, 3D experience. 

GW2 is another high fantasy MMO that takes place in the world of Tyria about 250 years after the events of the first Guild Wars. The legendary guild, Destiny's Edge, was disbanded. And in their absence the 5 dragons that slept beneath the Earth were awakened, terrorizing the people and wreaking havoc on the lands. Players are tasked with finding members of Destiny’s Edge and reunite them so that they can form once more.

Character customization is more in-depth than other games on this list. Players first choose one of five races which, like WoW, affect a few variables, including having race-specific abilities, starting area specific to that race as well as appearance and lore.” Then they select gender, which has no bearing on gameplay at all. Next, players will select one of 3 professions that offer a subclass or sub-profession. After a player names their character, they will answer a set of questions which give’s their character a bio.

With PvE, players can explore 26 zones, 9 dungeons and 6 cities. Instead of having universal questlines, players have a personal storyline based on their bio, race and profession. PvP in GW2 is intense. Players can engage in structured PvP arenas or World v World which is a combination of PvP and PvE. 


3. Lineage II

Source: Game Border

Lineage II is reminiscent of Runescape, except it looks better. Lineage II is a free-to-play MMO that takes place 150 prior years to the “sagas” of the first Lineage, “in a war-torn land that spans two continents.” Three kingdoms are at war with each other, fighting for power and control.

PvP takes place via large-scale castle sieges where the entire server is at war. Players can also attack other players without repercussions. 


2. Final Fantasy XIV

Source: Game Skinny via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV was originally released in 2010 and it was awful. However, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn released in 2014, was heralded as exceptional. Some would even argue that Final Fantasy XIV was better than World of Warcraft. FFXIV is a persistent MMO that takes place on the planet of Hydaelyn. The planet has several environments with different climates on three different continents.

Players can choose between 7 races but only 2 starting classes. Players must level up to access other classes. Through questing, players will take on odd jobs, investigate all kinds of dark dealings and gain experience points. Players will also be able to do instance dungeons, and, of course, PvP. The premise of FFXIV is that the continent of Eorzea is being invaded by forces from the Northern Garlean Empire.

BDO 1.jpg

1. Black Desert Online

Source: Game Neon via Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online is another, open-world, high fantasy MMO. It’s an action-based MMO so players must manually aim at their opponent or target. BDO is about two warring nations, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Before the two nations began to feud, they enjoyed a long peace. But that peace was disrupted when merchants spread in a deadly plague.

BDO gives players three playable races with 15 classes and four main starting areas. Players tame animals in the wild for mounts. Players can also breed horses to create a new species of mount. In this world, though, mounts can be killed. Lodging or housing is instanced, and players can furnish their houses. Players get to experience massive, guild-wide PvP against other guilds, crazy weather patterns such as typhoons and become immersed in the beautiful fantasy world.

When it comes to MMOs, there is no “one-size-fits-all” gameplay. From captivating fantasy lore to beautiful graphics and large-scale player versus player events, MMORPGs continue to give World of Warcraft a run for their money. If you are looking for a good MMORPG or MMO, I would definitely check out the games on this list.

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Battle for Azeroth to Be Released Mid-August

This is not a drill, Azerothians!

Thursday morning, Blizzard Entertainment announced the release date of the highly anticipated sixth expansion to World of Warcraft. Originally estimated to be released between the end of August and early September 2018, Battle for Azeroth will be released August 14.

Select players are currently alpha testing BFA, working out as many bugs as possible while getting a sneak peak at new and possible races, lands and raids. Pre-purchase of BFA is open through Blizzard's shop

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Punjabi Pop Star Who Influenced World of Warcraft Draenei Dance is Convicted of Human Trafficking

Daler Mehndi's 1998 hit single, "Tunak Tunak Tun" created a dance craze in India that ended up becoming a part of World of Warcraft culture.

In 2003, Bakshish Singh filed a police complaint against Mehndi and his brother for cheating them out of money. After 15 years of investigation, Mehndi was convicted March 16, 2018 and sentenced to two years in prison by the Patiala court in Punjab, India. According to prosecutors, Mehndi and his brother took "passage money” from Indians looking for work in the United States and Canada. The prosecution alleged that the Mehndi brothers disguised 13 work-seekers as part of his entertainment troupe, took them to North America and dropped them off illegally.

Mehndi and his brother were booked in 2003 "under Sections 420 (cheating), 467 (forgery) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the IPC or the Indian Penal Code." Mehndi has maintained his innocence, saying he will he file an appeal the ruling.

Mehndi found super-stardom in the 1990s with dance hits that continue to be popular among his huge fan-base of Hindi-Americans in the U.S. and Canada. In 2006, Blizzard Entertainment developers included the "Tunak Tunak Tun" dance for the (then) new class, male Draenei dance.

Watch to see where other World of Warcraft dances come from.