Update: There's a Storm Brewing in Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising Named Maximilien

Update: We have a closer look at Maximilien.

Blizzard released another teaser giving us a closer look at Maximilien. The Overwatch strike team is surveilling the streets of Havana looking for Doomfist’s accountant, Maximilien. Then, the camera spies him in a car. And, at the end of the transmission, Maximilien is seen stepping out of the car looking like lead in a futuristic Goodfellas reboot.

Usually, when Blizzard highlights a character in this way, they become playable characters. Could Maximilien be the next playable hero? While we, here at Ge’NeL are excited for the possibility of playing this mysterious, yet obviously badass, villainous character, it’s yet another missed opportunity for an unambiguous Black femme Overwatch hero.

Personally, I would like to see a Pam Grier/Copperhead a la Kill Bill, bad ass Genji type of hero. But we shall see.


Original article: Blizzard released the teaser, Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising that will feature the Overwatch strike team of Mercy, Winston, and Genji with Tracer leading the team.

While accessing the latest archived file we find a transmission for Commander Morrison from an Overwatch operative known only as Sojourn at the moment.

Commander Morrison, I have a proposal. We’re going at catching Doomfist the wrong way. He’s clean. But his accountant, Maximilien? Follow the money and you’ll find the dirt you need.
— Sojourn

Here’s what we know so far. The strike team will be going after Maximilien, a member of Talon’s inner circle. The recording says that Maximilien is Doomfist’s accountant. And we know that Maximilien is a wealthy omnic who owns a casino in Monaco.

This could be related to property in Havana being bought up by a foreign entity. We assumed the foreign entity was Talon, which looks to be correct. Maximilien must be the one buying up all of the property in Havana, possibly using the rum company to launder money and the port, also mentioned in the Havana Sun newspaper, to ship something other than rum.

As a hurricane approaches Havana, we believe this is where the Archives event will take place. The title “Storm Rising” could be reference to, not only the impending storm, but the hunt for Maximilien as well as putting the strike team to the test.

I know you’re worried about sending the strike team out again after what happened with Reinhardt…I’m putting Tracer in charge…she’s grown as a leader since the King’s Row mission and I know you’ll agree.
— Sojourn

A storm is definitely on its way to the Caribbean. We still don’t have all of the details about Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising, but Blizzard will release more soon enough. They love to keep fans on the edges of their seats. Surely, the days leading up to the release of the event will be filled with new skins and more teaser info.

The Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising events will be from April 16 to May 6. Are you excited for Archives 2019?