Twitch Streamer Dellor is Now Perma-banned

On October 1, 2019, Matt “dellor” Vaughn had another rage fit on Twitch, broke another keyboard on his head while streaming, and Twitch decided enough was enough.

Dellor, a former pro Overwatch player, is known for his insane rage fits, dubbed “dellor rage”. His toxic behavior, specifically a racist tirade while live-streaming on Twitch, is what led to his pro Overwatch career being cut short. His sexist rage fit while streaming Apex Legends earned him a 30-day ban. This ban was originally indefinite but shortened to 30 days. And when his ban was lifted, it was without a sub button.

On the day dellor was supposed to receive his partnership subscriptions back from Twitch, dellor had a “dellor rage fit” that resulted in being permanently banned from streaming on Twitch. Almost immediately after smashing his keyboard, his stream was taken off the air. Then he posted this update to his Twitter account.

Almost immediately, there was an outpour of support and calling Twitch’s system “broken”. with most telling him to go to Mixer. Ninja, who recently upset the balance and moved from Twitch to Mixer even replied to dellor with, “warm welcome waiting over here :)”. Most of his supporters couldn’t help but bring up Alinity’s cat-tossing incident, for which she is not banned.

Shortly after, dellor posted a dark tweet via Twitlonger that has his fans concerned about his well-being where he says “he doesn’t want to live in this world anymore.”

i am broken. i have been depressed for months. i did everything i could to change. i stayed loyal to twitch. the day im supposed to get subs back they ban me for something i've done thousands of times. my contact in twitch says he cant do anything for me.

the mental torture ive gone through the last few months is too much. i love you all for what you've blessed me with but i don't want to continue living in this world anymore.

i hope you all remember the fun times and laughs we had.

Though his and his supporters say this particular ban seems to have come out of left field (he’s broken plenty of keyboards on stream), he should have been banned indefinitely much sooner. His toxic behavior kept getting pass after pass after pass with a slap on the wrist. While we do not know what type of home life he has, what’s going on with him mentally or emotionally, there is absolutely no excuse for his behavior.

Twitch enabled his behavior. This is not the first time he’s smashed a keyboard on his head and this seems to be a part of his rage gimmick that his fans love.

It doesn’t matter how many Black gamers give him a pass on his racist tirades or how many girl gamers give him a pass on sexist rants; it’s never acceptable. And there will come a time when people, in this case, Twitch, will get tired of dealing with the bullshit. Twitch is not the only entity to dole out consequences to him for his bad behavior.

dellor is obviously extremely troubled and needs help. His cry for help on Twitter should not be taken lightly.