Top 5 Free-to-Play Games Like Overwatch

Top 5 Free-to-Play Games Like Overwatch

Since its release in 2016, Blizzard Entertainment’s critically acclaimed Overwatch has only increased in popularity, even as its embattled parent company Activision shifts its focus to mobile gaming.

Blizzard is known for creating the immersive, addictive epic MMO World of Warcraft as well as the cult favorite RPG, Diablo and the digital card game Hearthstone. But in 2016 Blizzard took a risk in venturing into first-person shooter territory with the release of Overwatch, the FPS with some MOBA tendencies.

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HURRY!!! Fanatical is Having a Crazy Sale on BioShock: The Collection For a Limited Time Only

HURRY!!! Fanatical is Having a Crazy Sale on BioShock: The Collection For a Limited Time Only

For a very limited time, you can get BioShock: The Collection for only $12.59 from Fanatical.

Ken Levine’s BioShock is arguably one of the best game series of all time. ALL TIME. Irrational Games released the first game in the bizarre first-person shooter in 2007. BioShock was set in 1960s but actually took place in an underwater metropolis called Rapture built in the 1940s by Andrew Ryan in an attempt to escape the tyranny of government. While Jack, the protagonist, is tasked to stop Ryan, he must fend off hideous creatures such as Big Daddies who were accompanied by creepy little children called Little Sisters. Little Sisters harvest the bodies of corpses and how the game ends depends on how you interact with the Little Sisters.

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Blood Ancestors is a Dark, Medieval, Team-Based Multiplayer on PC

Blood Ancestors is a Dark, Medieval, Team-Based Multiplayer on PC

5 vs 5 objective-based, blood-fueled warfare coming in the Steam store now!

Vielha, Catalonia, Spain - Spanish independent developers Snowpeak Studio have announced their debut title Blood Ancestors. A team-based multiplayer game focused on medieval fantasy warfare, the game is was released August 18, 2018 on Steam Early Access release, now with an open beta.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is All About Girl Power

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is All About Girl Power

Regardless of which Warbringers' episode was your favorite, there's one thing that's certain: Battle for Azeroth is about powerful women.

World of Warcraft's in-game lore has focused primarily on Azeroth's kings and male leaders with female protagonists being side quests and intermissions. But Legion began focusing more on its female leaders. From the Loa telling Warchief Vol'jin to choose Sylvanas "The Banshee Queen" Windrunner as his predecessor to her sister Alleria Windrunner harnessing The Void, Legion set the stage for Azeroth's female leaders to be at the forefront.

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#WorldofWarcraft Are You Ready for Battle for Azeroth Release Day on August 14, 2018?

Guides? CHECK! Snacks? CHECK!

Tensions between Horde and Alliance have intensified since both factions worked together and effectively destroyed The Legion in Antoras. We can argue all day and night about whether or not Sylvanas was justified in her burning down of Teldrassil (*cough she was cough*). With the Battle for Azeroth expansion quickly approaching, there are more important matters to discuss: the best guides for your class and dungeons, what are you going to snack and how many days off from work are you going to take for the expansion release.

Casual or hardcore, there's little excuse for not knowing how to play your class. We all have lives outside of Azeroth and the WoW community knows it. That's why there are so many guides available to help you be the best you can be at playing your class.

There are several places to go for guidance. Icy Veins and WoWhead are classic go-to guide sites for class specialization, talents, gear and best in slot items (BiS).  And my favorite place to go to for all things priest is Warcraft Priests. The website formerly known as HowToPriest is now Warcraft Priests. They've been the best place to go for guides, getting started and macros for playing all three specializations: Holy, Discipline and Shadow. Warcraft Priests' Discord is very active, friendly and helpful.

For raid and dungeon fights, go to Fatboss TV to watch and study boss fights. Don't forget to check out the commentary from some amazing WoW players via their Twitch channels as well. For example, Midnah is arguably one of the best druid healers around. She's a small time streamer but incredibly knowledgeable about Restoration Druids.

Like most WoW players eagerly anticipating Battle for Azeroth, you'll likely be sitting for hours at a time leveling. You're looking over your guides and you're ready to jump into action. You're gonna need sustenance. By sustenance, we mean food--keyboard-safe snacks like:

  • Nuts, if you're not allergic to them.

  • Fruit. Bananas, berries, already chopped melon and pineapple, sliced apples

  • Celery with your favorite dip.

  • Dry cereal. Frosted Flakes and Captain Crunch Crunch Berries or whatever you prefer.

  • Popcorn.

WoW isn't one of those games you can just pause. You have to get to a safe spot before going AFK. Sometimes, that can take a while, especially if you've already been going at questing and running dungeons or raiding for hours already. Don't forget to stretch, walk around for a few minutes. Hell, if you're worried about your weight, do 10 squats every hour or 10 push-up or 10 crunches. Set an alarm or timer to remind you that you need to get up and get your blood circulating.

Share with us how you get ready for WoW expansions.


Know Your Warcraft Lore (Possible Spoilers)

Cover Photography by Arwen
Cosplay: Sylvanas Windrunner: Narga-Lifestream | Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Ver1sa

Do you know your lore? You can get started here!

With Battle for Azeroth just around the corner, Warcraft addicts new and old, are becoming more and more intrigued about how Horde and Alliance came to be such fierce enemies. Blizzard Entertainment began releasing Warbringer videos, creating excitement, wonderment and faction loyalty. 

Jaina Proudmoore's haunting song sent chills down the spines of virtually Azerothian. Warchief Sylvanas's Warbringer only confirmed most people's suspicions, but it also offered possible insight into Sylvanas' motives as well as a certain scene that takes place during the battle between herself and newly crowned King Anduin.

Many players are rightfully still pissed off that Sylvanas was chosen to take Vol'jin's place as Warchief of the Horde. But there has to be a reason that the Loa revealed to Vol'jin that Sylvanas was to be his successor. We know from Sylvanas's Warbringer episode that life and hope have become her enemy. Perhaps she sees life as a weakness, hope is useless. But in the Battle for Azeroth trailer, we see something a little different--we see Sylvanas BECOMING the hope of the Horde. She's watched the people she was supposed to protect die once before when The Lich King came with his undead Scourge. 

Sylvanas sees that death and loss of hope, again, in the people she's supposed to be leading. We know that one of Sylvanas' plans was to create an undead army of her own. And maybe leading her soldiers to their deaths was, somehow a part of that. That would certainly contribute to the distrust that other Horde leaders and fans of Warcraft lore have toward her. But perhaps, during this battle, she realizes that her hatred for the living was turning her into The Lich King. Maybe some of our answers are forged in the lore already and we just have to find it. 

So, if you want to catch up on the lore, or want to begin reading the lore, Ge'NeL has created a page of PDF Warcraft books compiled from online sources to help you get started.

Blizzard's Badass Bonuses for Overwatch's Anniversary

Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Overwatch starting May 22.

May 24, 2016, Blizzard turned up the jams (yes, we know Lucio came a little later) with the release of Overwatch featuring 12 heroes (and villains). In case you've been in a coma for the last few years, Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment's team-based, multiplayer, first-person shooter. Players are placed on two teams of six where each player one of the following roles: Tank, Defense, Offense, and Support. Since its release, Overwatch has added 15 more playable heroes, bringing the total to 27 playable heroes. And I don't think they're done!

Since then, Overwatch has grown to include web comics and video shorts. Blizzard always goes all out for their anniversary events and Overwatch's 2nd anniversary will be no different. Here's what you can look forward to come May 22.

  • A brand spanking new free-for-all deathmatch called Petra.

  • Free-for-all COMPETITIVE deathmatch season starting on Petra and Chateau maps

  • Special 2nd Anniversary Lootbox: in addition to 2nd anniversary event loot, players will also have a chance to get loot from ANY past, seasonal event!

  • Unlock past unlockables, including re-releasing Overwatch Legendary Edition which includes sets of Legendary, Epic and Origin skins for a total of 15 skins.

  • Return of select fan-favorite brawls from past events

  • 8 Legendary skins

Oh! Did I forget to mention that Overwatch is free to play on the weekend of May 25-28? So you have a friend who STILL hasn't played Overwatch? Or are you someone who wants to test the game out before purchasing? Head on over to Play Overwatch on May 25-28. 

Celebrate Overwatch's 2nd Anniversary with us on Facebook!

#ICYMI Walmart Canada Leaked Possible #E3 Game Titles

Are these titles going to be announced at E3?

Newsweek reported that Walmart Canada played with gamers' emotions all across the globe when they accidentally released unannounced games to the public on their New Video Games Release page. The page has since been deleted.

The leak included popular game titles that are highly anticipated to be announced at E3 2018, such as a Splinter Cell reboot, Gears of War 5, Borderlands 3Rage 2, , Forza Horizon 5Just Cause 4 and Assassins Creed (yes, that's right. Assassins--no apostrophe). Could Assassins Creed be deliberate, about a group of assassins and not just the one? We'll probably have to wait until E3.

assassins creed.png

Bethesda's Rage Twitter account gave a hilarious response to the Rage 2 leak.

It's not unusual for stores to create placeholders for anticipated games. While some of these games have been hinted at for a while, many of the titles have not been officially confirmed by their studios. But it sure as hell fun to speculate and get excited. Rage 2 was most definitely confirmed after the leak, with Rage 2 giving sneak peaks at the game and then finally releasing a games trailer on May 15.

Source: Bethesda

Source: Bethesda

Which game titles are you looking forward to seeing at E3? Is there a game on the leaked list that you didn't expect to see? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter.

Still no Half Life 3, though. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Valve already said there won't be one, but a girl can dream! *stares off far into the distance* A girl can dream.

Video Gaming Mamas, We Salute You


May 13, 2018, was, perhaps one of the most special days of the year. It's Mother's Day. It's the one day moms all across the world have all to themselves, recognized for every single thing they have had to endure and put up with as a mother. Of course, we appreciate and recognize mothers every day of the year. But Mother's Day is different. It's Mom's day to relax and just be. And as more women become or admit to being gamers, the number of mommy gamers rise. And we salute you!

From Leviathan

From Leviathan

Mother's Day did not begin as a holiday. Mother's Day came to fruition due to a few non-connected women in the United States calling for unity and peace. In 1870, abolitionist Julia Howard Howe wrote a 'Mother's Day Proclamation' declaring June 2 to be "Mother's Peace Day". In the mid 19th century, Ann Reeves Jarvis started "Mother's Day Work Clubs" across West Virginia, teaching local women how to take care of their children. In 1868, Jarvis organized "Mother's Friendship Day", uniting former Union and Confederate soldiers. But it was Jarvis' daughter, Anna Jarvis who, in 1905 was responsible for having Mother's Day recognized nationally to commemorate the sacrifices mothers made for their children.

Mothers are pretty darn important, shaping many aspects of our lives, from personality to goals to how we express our love. Unfortunately, video game developers, for the most part, kind of overlook the inclusion of mother characters, their possible contributions and influence they could have on story development. But there are some. So, for Mother's Day, we honor the sacrifices of, not only our real life gaming mothers, but four of the most bad ass mothers in video games who shaped story development. These fictional mamas deserve a little recognition.

Here are 3 badass moms in the video gaming world.



mother of Kitana - Mortal Kombat

Sindel debuted in Mortal Kombat 3. She was the captive bride of the evil emperor Shao Khan.Shao Khan killed her husband, adopted her daughter, Kitana as his own and made Sindel watch as he enslaved her people. Sindel could not bare to endure being Shao Khan's wife and committed suicide.

Shao Khan had Shang Tsung resurrect her and effectively brainwashed her. She pledged her loyalty to Shao Khan. Luckily, Kitana learned of her mother's resurrection, succeeded in getting an audience with her and convinced her of her past. As Sindel believed her daughter, she vowed to oppose Shao Khan, effectively defeating him and regaining her rightful place on the throne of Edenia.

Sole_Survivor (2).png

Your Survivor Woman

mother of Shaun - Fallout 4

In the year 2077, Sole Survivor Woman is a lawyer who lives in Sanctuary Hills with her husband, baby son named Shaun and a robot butler named Codsworth. She's approached by a Vault-Tec representative who presented her with pre-approved papers that ensured their reservation in Vault 111 fallout bunker.

They were cryogenically sealed in Vault 111, but somehow, she was thawed early, just in time to watch people murder her husband and take her baby son. Still captured in the cryogenic pod, she was powerless to stop them and was, re-frozen. She reawakens in 2277 and searches the wasteland high and low to find her son, saving settlements and settling scores along the way.


Ana Amari

mother of Pharah - Overwatch

Ana Amari is one of the founding members of Overwatch. Revered by her colleagues, she's one of the deadliest snipers in the world. She was believed to have been killed by Widowmaker during an anti-Talon mission, but she survived, though, having lost sight in her right eye.

While recovering from her near death, she contemplated leaving the life of combat after Overwatch had crumbled. But she couldn't let her city and her people become victims of the rising corruption. She explained her disappearance to her daughter, Pharah in a letter, becoming a hooded vigilante still fighting for justice.



mother of Thrall - Warcraft / World of Warcraft

Draka was an Orc warrior woman. Loyal, honorable and strong, her badassery knew no bounds. She was born sickly in the Frostwolf clan and was ridiculed from infancy into childhood. But she was determined to become stronger. As a teenager, Mother Kashur sent Draka on a lone hunt, for ingredients for a potion to cure her of her sickness. Draka had never been allowed to go on a hunt because she was sickly, so she had to learn on her own. 

She was tasked with killing a windroc for its feather, a talbuk for its horn and a clefthoof for its fur. Draka, though sickly, succeeded in killing the windroc, talbuk and clefthoof and returned to Mother Kashur with the ingredients for the potion. But it was then Mother Kashur revealed that there was no potion. The cure for being sickly was the hunt. The Frostwolf clan celebrated Draka's hunt and it was there she met Durotan.

Durotan asked her out on a courtship hunt, but she declined, as she was too young. But they soon began going on non-dating hunts. But when she was of age, she let Durotan know that she was, indeed ready. And she made her move, kissing him. After that, she stood by Durotan and supported decisions as leader of the Frostwolf clan. And, in the Year 1, gave birth to Thrall, future war chief of The Horde. Thrall named the Horde warship, Draka's Fury, in honor of his mother.

Without mothers, we would not be here. It's time we had more mothers in video games. For better or worse, mothers are interesting and vital pieces of our existence and the mommy gamers are the magic that continues to illuminate our lives. What are some of your favorite video game moms? Let us know in our discussions and join us on our Facebook page, or Twitter!

This article was originally written and published for DVS Gaming on May 13, 2017.