Naturally, people have a lot of questions about gaming and the role Ge’NeL Magazine plays in the community. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Ge’NeL and the online gaming community. And yes, these really are questions we’ve had to answer.

FAQ About Ge’NeL Magazine

Question: Do you guys hate men?
Answer: No, we don’t hate men. In fact, we absolutely adore our male counterparts. What we hate is the the overabundance of harassment based on sex, gender, and race that is brushed aside as a part of gaming.

Question: Why do you call yourselves gamer girls or girl gamers? Why not just gamers?
Answer: We believe that we should be free to identify as whoever we’d like. But one of the main reasons women and girls do identify as girl gamers/gamer girls is to find other femme gamers to play with while just enjoying being ourselves.

Question: Are you feminists?
Answer: Duh! We are absolutely intersectional feminists. Too often, people don’t understand that feminism is about choice and not about forcing others to believe what you believe or think your way, that is, unless your belief directly affects our choice.

Question: If you’re just gamers, why create content just for girls when there are lots of other gaming websites out there? Why be separatists?
Answer: We’re not separatists. Though our content is for all to consume, we do so with women’s experiences and issues affecting women in gaming communities in mind. Most other gaming and geek media outlets are geared toward boys and men. And, although non-deliberate, too often have misogynist and sexist undertones. They also do not correct sexist, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic behavior in their communities. Ge’NeL exists to counter that while creating great content.

Question: Do you have an online community, like a Facebook group or page?
Answer: Yes. Our Facebook page and group are primarily for sharing memes. We also have a Discord community that is becoming more active.

FAQ About Gaming

Question: Do you write guides for different games or just articles?
Answer: We have a few guides on World of Warcraft and League of Legends. However, our writing staff is small atm.

Question: Where is the best place to learn about World of Warcraft?
Answer: Our favorite places to learn about the latest in World of Warcraft, aside from researching and playing ourselves, is Wowhead, Blizzard Watch.

Question: How much RAM do I need to play today’s games? They seem to take up a lot of memory.
Answer: The short answer: you can get away with 8gb of RAM with most games. The long answer: It depends on the game, really. For example, Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online requires at least 16gb, even though they originally recommended 8gb. At 8gb, your driving experience can be rage-inducing.

Question: I want to use voice comms when gaming but as soon as I say something I’m told to either “go back in the kitchen” “shut up no one wants a girl’s opinion” or “feet pics pls.” I get that they’re trying to be funny, but it’s really not. It’s more annoying than anything. How do I respond?
Answer: Ugh! We get that same, unoriginal, annoying sexist, misogynistic bullshit, too. Not everyone is quick-witted. Not everyone has thick skin for whatever reason, and simply telling people to block and ignore doesn’t solve the problem, especially when no one is correcting bad behavior. If you’re not quick-witted, I wouldn’t respond at all. I wouldn’t argue or tell them to shut up. As much as it sucks, I’d leave comms and report them for harassment. Personally, it depends on my mood. Some days, I really just don’t feel like dealing with the ignorance, so I don’t join comms. Or, if I’m just in a “fuck it” mood, I’ll join comms and the first dude to say something rude gets roasted. While I do not condone harassment at all, I’m all for defending yourself and sticking up for yourself, especially when others don’t have your back. A few weeks ago, I roasted someone so hard for calling me the “n” word, he literally left our comp match mid game. No one else said anything. No one had my back. No one corrected dude’s behavior. I had to defend myself and I did. So, choose your battles wisely.