Five Times Padme Amidala SLAYED in Star Wars

From princess of Theeb to queen of Naboo, Padme Amidala slayed intergalactic fashion in the Star Wars franchise.

We can all agree at this point that Padme Amidala didn’t get the justice she deserved. Natalie Portman patiently portrayed our lovely queen and the prequels squandered what she could have been. Paired with terrible writing and tired tropes, Portman and, therefore, Padme, did only the best she could with what she had, still capturing our hearts and imaginations.

This weekend Twitter was abuzz with reflections on the killer fashion that the prequels gave us. And no doubt, Queen Amidala gave us some of the most stunning costume designs in Episodes I-III. Here are some of the best fashion moments by our beloved Queen Amidala.

5. The Senate Address - Attack of the Clones

This gown exudes power. The deep royal blue, and stunning golds are royal af. Full of  Elizabethan vibes, from the head piece to the golden details on this dress. This is definitely an outfit of a queen. Tied together with an ornate necklace, consider this look SLAYED!

4. Handmaiden in Disguise - The Phantom Menace

In Episode One, our queen was in danger of being assassinated, not only by terrible writing but also by the lousiest assassin in the galaxy. Toxic masculinity for the win. While Amidala’s character was shortchanged at the expense of a Sith Lord, she disguised herself as a handmaiden. Even as a handmaiden, her regalness shone through. She was flawless through and through and she absolutely killed her casual look. Tatooine wasn't ready for her!

3. HER OWN Funeral - Revenge of the Sith

Padme died of a broken heart, which is ridiculous. So let's just check this one off our list because even in death our Queen was fierce! While clutching the japor snippet necklace that  Anakin made for her when he was a child, Padme was laid to rest as silvery-white flowers adorned her hair and wearing a long royal blue gown. WE DID NOT DESERVE YOU!

2. Dinner With Anakin - Attack of the Clones

This dress is everything! Padme gave us a Raven “Nevermore” vibe from top to bottom: feather-detailed shrug which can be removed to expose her shoulders, fingerless evening gloves--the form fitting style is just perfection! With her hair tied back and a silver headpiece she is absolutely stunning. No wonder Anakin risked it all to save her.

1. Meadow Picnic - Attack of the Clones

This outfit is often overlooked and forgotten about. The detail is amazing, from the floral bits on her corset, to the ribbon in her hair, both perhaps in dark foreshadow of her funeral garb. Her hair buns, a light foreshadow of Leia, her future daughter. The scene’s colors warm her complexion and give her a natural, healthy glow.

The wardrobe production for Natalie Portman in the prequels was killin' it. What were your favorite Queen Amidala looks? Join the conversation and add your favorite looks below!

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe a Fortnite Battle Royale Match

When your squad is about to drop in Salty Springs and 5 other teams show up.

When the queue is longer than expected.

When you're doing random squads and the voice chat is full of "preschoolers."

One word. Snipers...

giphy 4.gif

TRYING TO OUT RUN THE STORM!!!! But you hear a chest nearby...

Duos with the bestie and killing it!

The squad member that never lands with the squad

When the circle is so small and everyone is crafting and bullets are flying all around you

giphy 8.gif

10 people left. Time to hide.

giphy 9.gif


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#Girlboss 8 Woman-led Films To Motivate You to Kick Ass

When I'm feeling down and need motivation, watching action films starring women who kick was always boosts my mood. There's just something empowering and motivating seeing other women in control and, honestly, beating the shit out of people. It's illegal for me take a samurai sword and chop someone's head off or unload a full clip into someone who broke my heart. So why not cheer on women who can? Films with intelligent, strong, badass women saving the day, exacting revenge or executing a damn near flawless heist, inspire me to get off my ass, take control and make something happen.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2


Kill Bill was an instant cult classic. That seems to happen to a lot of Quentin Tarantino's films. Tarantino said he wrote this film specifically for Uma Thurman after working together on Pulp Fiction. Kill Bill is a duo of hack 'em, slash 'em revenge films that gets women in action all the way right. Not to mention, the perfect soundtrack to accompany each fight scene.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight is in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. ALL TIME. Geena Davis plays a woman who has had amnesia several years. She's a wife, mother, school teacher and pillar of her community. She's also a former covert operative. Remember the rapper Charlie Baltimore? She took her rap alias from the insanely badass Charlene "Charlie" Baltimore of this film. 

Point of No return


Point of No Return is an American remake of La Femme Nikita (honorable mention). Maggie (Bridget Fonda) was a junkie accused of murdering a cop and forced to train to become an assassin. Sadly, too many people haven't seen this film, so I won't give away spoilers. I'll just say, watch it. Bridget Fonda comes from the legendary Fonda acting family (her father is Henry Fonda and her aunt is Jane Fonda). I'm sure the pressure was on, but she looked as if she didn't even break a sweat! After seeing this film, I was hoping to see her in more action roles because she was good!  

Underworld series


Vampires, werewolves and a badass vampire heroine killing them all. Do you need more convincing? 

The Resident Evil Series


Zombie killing. Based on the popular game series, Resident Evil is nonstop action. Milla Jovovich does her own stunts. Oh, and killing zombies. Did I mention zombies?



Zoe Saldana is probably the queen of action films. Her background in ballet allows her fight scenes to look so fluid, real. Have you ever watched a fight scene as just thought "This looks horrible"? Never have I said that about a Zoe Saldana fight. And with Columbiana, she's the best. Saldana always opts to do her own stunts. My only problem with Columbiana is that there could have been more character development. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


The writing is extremely cheesy, but fun. That's what makes Buffy delightful. Sometimes you don't know what you can do until you have to do something, right? Granted, the television show that came from it wasn't as cheesy, but the campiness is what made Buffy "Buffy". Hooray for feel-good vampire killing!

Jackie Brown


When you've had enough, then you've had e-damn-nuff! Written specifically for the legendary Pam Grier, Jackie Brown is about an older woman whose tired of being caught up in other people's mess and she's ready to get out. This isn't the typical action film, but it's motivating nonetheless. Jackie is older and tired of the bull. One last score is all she needs. 

Tank Girl


She's eccentric, hilarious, loyal and dangerous. The film Tank Girl was based on the British comic debuting in the first issue of Deadline Magazine in 1988. It gives us a futuristic look at what can happen when corporations control the most basic of needs--water.

Which films do you turn to for a pick-me-up? We want to hear from you.