We Need More Geek Clothes Options for Plus Sized Women

For women, finding geek clothes that fit your body just right can be a challenge.

The clothing industry’s size charts are so random. One store’s “medium” can literally be a “small” in another store. Our thighs, breasts, torsos, shoulders are all so different. It gets even trickier for thicker and plus-sized geeks and cosplayers.

It’s already difficult to find affordable quality, clothes in today’s fast fashion economy. It’s especially frustrating for plus-sized and thicc girls. As women with heavier bottoms, we don’t receive much consideration when it comes to geek-themed tights, dresses, pants, and more. We’ve made a lot of progress in recent years in inclusive sizing for full-figured and plus sized women. But geek gear still has a long way to go. Thicc, femme geeks like to wear more than just geeky tees, too. Thicc girls want cute skirts, dresses, tights too! And there are so many one-size fits most custom tights out there that just don’t work.

Luckily, there are geek clothing stores online who have stepped in to fulfill a much-needed space. For example, at Sarah McSquish’s online boutique, Squish’s Shop, you can get custom tights, skater dresses, and more that go beyond the standard large size that most geek clothing companies stop at. Squish’s Shop was born out of a need for larger custom sizes in geek gear that feature gaming, cartoon, and other geek themes.

Squish’s Shop creates custom geek clothes and designs for her clients in sizes that range from extra small to 5X, which is rare when it comes to custom geek gear. Most geek clothing brands stop at large or extra-large when it comes to women’s bottoms. Very few major clothing brands go beyond that. It’s as if they don’t realize that plus-sized geeks girls exist. And when they do make their geek clothes in larger sizes, they don’t take into consideration the different types of plus-size. Some women have small hips and a big booty, and some women have a small booty with thick hips and thighs.

And we can’t forget about our extra small sisters who have difficulty finding tights that won’t sag on them. That’s why custom geek boutique brands like Squish’s Shop are valuable and necessary, no matter what your size is. Whether you need custom leggings for cosplay or you just want something cute, checking out online boutiques that make custom geek Besides, having custom and unique gear made just for you that can’t be found anywhere else, is pretty cool. They make everything from Star Trek dresses to Star Butterfly and Overwatch leggings. Squish’s Shop’s pieces are made to order. Squish’s Shop even has eSports covered with high-quality jerseys for International Overwatch League (IOWL), Helix.

Squishsshop Helix Jersey.jpg

Mainstream geek clothing brands have been increasing their sizing to be more inclusive. And that’s good. But it’s not enough. We want more than just cute tees and jackets. We really do need more cute geek gear for the plus-sized and thicc ladies out here. Not to mention, more and more plus-size beauties are finding their confidence to cosplay.

Tell us where you get your geek gear, it doesn’t matter your size or shape. We want to know where you shop for your cute gear. And if you’re looking for cute, custom visit Squish’s Shop and their Facebook page.

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