New Overwatch Hero Could Be Jean-Baptiste Augustin

Source: Blizzard

Source: Blizzard

*This has been edited to include an additional thought on Jean-Baptiste Augustin.

On February 19, Blizzard released a new assault map for Overwatch: Paris.

The Paris map is a beautiful, futuristic map full of small, winding streets and corners, like the modern city itself. The city looks to have been abandoned due to Omnic-Human tensions. There are wanted posters for various Omnics inside the police station.

When it was first released, I, and many others thought it would be a map perfect for Widowmaker, being that she is French. Nevermind the fact that she already has her own map, Château Guillard. The Paris map, it seems, is for a new hero.

When Overwatch releases a map, there is usually a hero coming soon. This seems to be the case, as they released a teaser two days after the map went live for all platforms.

Sombra seems to be hacking into Talon to access a file on Captain D. Cuerva. The classified file is an assessment of Cuerva’s strike team sent to Haiti to capture or kill a medic named Jean-Baptiste Augustin. Cuerva is hoping to “talk sense” into Baptiste because “no one leaves Talon.” Baptiste is a highly trained operative whose skills are such that he can adapt to any situation, is a good shot and is lucky. If Baptiste is to be our next hero, will he be long ranged heals like Ana? I’m thinking a McCree-Mercy hybrid of sorts.

It’s also possible that, in addition to the Paris map, we may have a Haiti map coming as well. If the Haiti map does happen, it could possibly be an Overwatch Archives map where players take on the roles of Talon agents looking for Baptiste in Haiti to find out what happened to the operatives sent to bring in Baptiste.

So, here we have another possible hero. Baptiste is likely Haitian, which means another Black male hero while we STILL have no unambiguous Black female hero. We asked before when Ashe was released, where the Black girls at, Blizzard? Keep in mind nothing has been confirmed.